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Putting Together your Family Food Storage Plan

school desk (320x213)I promised an announcement today, here it is!

Some of you have been asking me to show you how to put together a long term storage plan in more detail. After thinking about it a bit and discussing it with my wife, we’ve realized that this is a huge undertaking and one that needs to be thought through.  Advising folks on how to do this isn’t always easy!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to start a weekly food storage school. Once you sign up for it I will send you an email every Monday with a food storage goal for the next week. I may occasionally send you some other hints, tips, or recommendations throughout the week, but the lessons will come out on Monday. You can join at any time and I’ll start you with week one and we’ll go from there.

My approach will be a bit different than some. I won’t be going whole hog all at once, trying to put a year’s worth of everything away all at once. Instead, we’ll take it slowly, putting together the basics and then begin to turn that into a longer term plan.

Look for a post in the next day or two telling you how to sign up for the class.  Don’t miss it!  Tell all your friends and neighbors!  Invite the family dog!

Summer is Gone and Winter is On The Way

Well, that time of year is here again.  Summer is over, fall has arrived, and winter is on its way.  In our neck of the woods that doesn’t usually include snowfall measured in feet, but we’re pretty well guaranteed a few nice storms.  In fact, the winter storm survival scenario I wrote about was based… Continue Reading

Meta: New Posting Schedule and Topics

I occasionally find myself wanting to write some smaller posts, or responses to articles I find on other survival and preparedness blogs.  Up until now I’ve avoided doing that in order to not detract focus from my main articles.  I’ve decided to experiment a little though and increase my posting frequency a bit.  My schedule… Continue Reading

Show Me The Money!

My day job, aside from being a loving father and adoring husband is a very technology centric occupation.  I work at a desk and it is somewhat difficult to find jobs in my field outside of urban areas.  This does not fit well with our desired lifestyle nor do I find the suburbs a particularly… Continue Reading

Keeping the Kids Occupied

Our family, like many others in this day and age, tends to enjoy various forms of electronic entertainment.  Computer games, Xbox, Wii, movies, TV shows … the list goes on!  That’s all well and good but what happens when the power goes out?  It’s important to keep low tech entertainment options around.  And plenty of… Continue Reading

Is the Swine Flu Pandemic Going to Kill Us All?

Right now there is a wave of some sort of cold or flu rapidly progressing through the Kearney household.  As you parents know, that means that we get less sleep while we stay up to tend to our sick kids, which in turn reduces our immune system and then we get it.  And nobody likes… Continue Reading

Long Term Storage of Sugar, Honey, and Syrups

Despite the horrible things that you hear nowadays about sugar and carbohydrates and whatnot, they’re actually a critical part of your diet.  And they provide a great energy dense source of calories.  And besides, how do you make cookies from your food storage if you don’t have any sweetener? There are three major classifications of… Continue Reading

Storage Options for Long Term Storage of Dry Food

When storing dry goods for long term there are some common requirements regardless of what you’re storing.  First, things should be stored cool.  Below 75 degrees is best, cooler if possible.  Second, food should be stored in the dark.  For some foods it won’t matter, but many vitamins and whatnot are sensitive to light and… Continue Reading

Long Term Storage of Dried Milk

The cornerstone to any long term storage of dairy products is dried milk.  It keeps well when properly stored.  It tastes reasonably similar to fresh milk when reconstituted, and tastes even better if you add a touch of flavoring such as vanilla extract or powdered milk flavoring (my kids love strawberry!) at the same time… Continue Reading

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