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Meta: No posts for a bit

Sorry guys but I’ve been spending a bunch of time at the hospital with my grandfather who has fallen terminally ill and will most likely not make it out of the week.  I’ll resume my regular posting schedule when I’m able to.  Your thoughts and prayers for my family would be greatly appreciated.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Stored Wheat

Wheat. The cornerstone of life. The centerpiece of any long term food storage solution and something that should be included in everyone’s plans. But do you know how to take care of it, to properly store it, to keep it safe and ready to be consumed? I’ll assume that you’ve read some of the earlier… Continue Reading

Do Your First Aid Kits Have The Right Stuff?

No, not like Chuck Yeager. This has nothing to do with test pilots and airplanes. My question is around your home first aid and trauma kits. Do you know that your kits have what need to be in them or did you just buy them off the shelf somewhere and throw them under the sink… Continue Reading

Do You Have These Life Savers In Your Survival Armory?

Extra bonus points if you’ve figured out what important items I didn’t mention in my initial armory post! There’s a couple key things that I left out for a bit of a more in depth talk. They’re things that are unfortunately commonly overlooked or not really thought about in many cases. Yet they can and… Continue Reading

Do You Have All The Lights You’ll Ever Need?

The first drilldown in my post series on the proper contents of a survival armory will address emergency lights.  If you haven’t read it, click here for the summary post.  Read it and come back for the rest!  Great, glad you’re back.  Let’s talk about lights! Like I said in my summary post, you really… Continue Reading

Are You Killing Yourself With Unnecessary Stress?

Stress is a killer.  Ask any medical professional and they will tell  you that stress can take years off your life.  Not only that but stress can seriously impact your judgment and decision making abilities.  None of these are particularly healthy things to have around. The hidden secret is that we all carry around stress… Continue Reading

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