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The Plague Strikes

The Plague Strikes

Great_plague_of_london-1665Well it was probably inevitable with all of these kids, but a couple of them brought home the plague that’s going around.  A full on flu.  Joyous.

My folks were sick for weeks with this.  We’re hoping that this is a less … severe strain, but we’ll see.

In any case, things are looking awfully dicy for the health status of the Kearney household.  Here’s hoping that most of us don’t end up with it.

Of course we can just head down to town and get medication to help with the symptoms, and medical care if need be.

But what if we couldn’t head down?  Maybe we’re snowed in, or maybe there’s some social problem that prevents us from leaving the house.

Well, the usual remedies are important.  Plenty of water, plenty of rest.

Taking Vitamin C and either fresh garlic or garlic extract in pill form helps.

Ibuprofen or tylenol will help with aches and pains and fever.

If vomiting is an issue (or the other end, for that matter) then either use an over the counter electrolyte solution, or make your own … 1 quart water, 8 Tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt.  Heat the water, dissolve salt/sugar, cool, and drink.

You’ll note that there’s lots of stuff up there that you might want to have squirreled away for a plaguey day.  So take this opportunity to look at your medical preps and make sure you can deal with the little things.   After all, they’re the most likely to impact you.

Besides, if you’ve got everything you need at home, who cares if you can’t leave?

An Update From The Homestead

An Update From The Homestead

So, lots of changes and updates over the last couple days.  A few decisions, and lots of fun. As I’ve said before, we hope to build a house on our property this year.  A few weeks ago we finalized the plans for said house and today I got the last quotes for the actual construction… Continue Reading

Garden Season 2013 Begins

Garden Season 2013 Begins

So with the climate here being different from what we’re used to, and colder at this time of year, I’m going to be making a much deeper foray into seed starting and early growing in the house. While I’d prefer to do much of this outside in a green house, that’s just not in the… Continue Reading

New and Noteworthy for Today, January 25, 2013

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like. The Road to Debt-Serfdom Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Debt Mysteriously Paid Off Before Benghazi Testimony : Satire? Yes. Believable? …. maybe! AmericanMercenary: Unpossible Insurgencies The Feinstein “Assault Weapons” Ban: What’s It All About? | Power Line Where’s all this leading? ::… Continue Reading

An Update, A Project, And Two Products!

An Update, A Project, And Two Products!

Today’s a bit of a light day, and I’m going to avoid going into some of the heavy stuff that’s on my mind, and doubtlessly on yours as well. So first I want to tell you about what I’ve decided on regarding posting habits.  In all honesty, the daily posting is quite a bit of… Continue Reading

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