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Will America Burn?

In case you didn’t see the links I’ve posted, or the news lately, the Greek people are burning down their country.

This is due to forced austerity measures being adopted by their government. The tap of free money for no work has run dry.

For obvious reasons the folks that depend on that free cash to survive have a bit of an issue with that.

When you’re used to mooching off the public dole, when that goes away, you’re going to have an issue with it.

This is what happens.

But can that happen here?

Simply put, yes.

And while I’m not going to say it’s inevitable … I’d have to say it’s pretty darn likely.

Will it be the same? Nope.

Could it be less intense, with less violence? Sure.

Can it be more violent with even more problems? Darn right.

When?  Your guess is as good as mine.

See, we have a massive group of folks that live off the works of others.  And our cities are full of folks with a pure entitlement mentality.  Even the upscale cities are likely to go up in flames when the checks stop coming.

If all someone has ever done is collect a check for living, do you really think they’re going to head out and start working when the check is a fraction of what it used to be?

I’m betting not.

A few things you should consider:

  • Be ready to stay in your home for a couple weeks. Water is pretty important here … utilities can get interrupted.
  • Know how to get home from work if you have to, with different routes. Especially if you’re in or drive through a not so safe place.
  • Be prepared to defend what yourself, your family, and what you have if need be.
  • See if you can make alternate work arrangements if possible. If your job can be done remotely, think about talking to your boss about it.
  • Have cash on hand. You don’t want to be running out to the ATM machine if there’s a riot out there.
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4 Responses to Will America Burn?

  1. All we hear are austerity measures. I researched it to find out what it means. Right now people who make 12,000 euros or less per year don’t pay income taxes at all. They are lowering that to 8,000 so more people are going to have to pay. They are raising the VAT (value added tax) like our sales tax by 2 to 10 percent. They have three different VAT prices, food is the least, luxury items the most. The are raising the restaurant tax by 10%. They are cutting government worker salaries by 15% and government owned “private business” salaries by 30%. They are only going to replace 1 in 10 government workers who retire. They raised the full social security retirement age to 65 (don’t know what it originally was) and you must have worked 40 years to get full benefits.

    Here, almost 50% of people don’t pay federal income taxes. I wonder what would happen if that got brought down to 30% and they got rid of the Earned Income Credit? In my state we are voting to raise sales tax by 1%. It will probably be voted down. State government workers received a 15% salary cut while our federal workers received their yearly cost of living raises (how could the federal workers receive a 4% raise while the social security recipients got a cut due to “no inflation”). You only need to work 10 years to receive full benefits of social security.

    Although I am a state employee I see lots of areas that can be cut back or cut out. For the feds it’s even worse. Our government is on the verge of having to do the same things that Greece is doing. It won’t matter who is president or in congress. It will be ugly.

  2. Hey Rudy,

    The Occupy movement is hoping for there sham of a movement to go the way of Greece, etc. It is my belief, however wild it may seem, that some clashes between the occupiers and an opposing group will help to bring out the National Guard, perhaps even nationwide. Maybe even martial law being declared. Perhaps even delaying or stopping altogether the November elections this year. I have read in the news that Rick Santorum’s appearance in Tacoma the other day was met by an occupier group and he was repeatedly interrupted causing him to discuss with the Secret Service the need for protection for his family. A Fox News Report on the situation is here:

    • I can’t argue with that outlook….I’ll tell you one thing, I try to never end up in Seattle proper if I can help it 😉