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Well, That Was Annoying

I mentioned last week that it looked like the plague was enroute.

And it was.  And I was the lucky first victim, who spent two days straight in bed, and just got out of bed today.

It sucked.  And now our youngest has it, and our oldest sounds like she might be coming down with it to.

Joy of joys.

At least my lovely wife and I didn’t get it at the same time.  That wouldn’t have been good.

Anyhow … I’m back and feeling much better.  Let the posts resume!

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3 Responses to Well, That Was Annoying

  1. Man, I hate to hear that the sickness is running through the house again. I am glad you are feeling better and hope the rest of the family don’t get it. Keep on truckin!

  2. Sorry you had the flu Rudy. Our family just got over it and it was terrible. We all had flu shots and got it any way. Man that really sucked and my 13 year old daughter said she wants no part of the shot next year since she got it anyway!! lol I just joined this site and am very excited about it. Thanks , Rudy for all the info.