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Are You Prepared For These Three Disaster Scenarios?

Here’s Rudys provocative question of the day.  Are you prepared for all of these scenarios?  Do you have enough food, water, supplies, and everything else you might need to weather the emergency in comfort?  Read these five disaster scenarios and tell me in the comments what you’ve done to prepare for them!

Natural Disaster

hurricane-ikeIn my neck of the woods right now there is a big flap about a dam on the Green River.  Apparently a good river flood has a reasonably decent chance of breaking the dam.  They’re talking about up to 20 feet of water in major metropolitan areas of the Pacific Northwest.  That would qualify as a natural disaster to me!  Extreme weather such as tornados, winter storms, and the like also qualify.

For this type of emergency your short term food storage is key.  Being able to go for a few weeks to a few months with what you have on hand is critical.  Realize that power outages are almost certain if you’re reasonably close to the disaster and prepare accordingly.  Having generator power or a good home energy system is pretty important for this event.

Even if you’re not in the immediate line of fire of a natural disaster you have to recognize that our transportation system is fragile.  There is a high likelihood that along with any disaster will come a significant interruption in the supply of goods.  Think empty shelves at the grocery store and dry fuel tanks at the gas station.  Be sure you’re prepared.  For a real life example of what could happen, read my post on a winter storm survival scenario.

Energy Crisis

gaspumpsEveryone recognizes today that we are incredibly reliant upon fossil fuels for just about everything we consume.  The supply of energy is far too easy to interrupt considering how critical it is for our ongoing survival.  Look back at Hurricane Katrina and note how one little natural disaster had major impact to the importation of oil.  I won’t get into Peak Oil but that’s a consideration for many as well.

Like a natural disaster scenario, food and water storage are your first priority.  Unfortunately since it’s entirely likely that electricity will be intermittent at best in any serious energy crisis situation if you are dependant upon the power grid for refrigeration then you need to have an emphasis on long term storage as well.  If you have the ability to store larger amounts of fuel then by all means stock up.  Just don’t forget fuel rotation.

Rudy’s Tip: Depending on the energy problem the duration of this sort of scenario could be intermittent for a few months to an all out failure for years.  Prepare accordingly!

Civil Disturbance

riot-cp-3953861-392When I talk about civil disturbances think the Seattle WTO Riots,  Rodney King, Watts Riots, that sort of thing.  Generally speaking these things tend to be localized and short term.  As long as you’re out of the directly affected area you’re probably ok.  Your short term storage plans should see you through this.  If you’re in or close to the affected area you may need to use defensive arms to protect you and your family as well as the supplies that are critical to your survival.

Rudy’s Tip: Having defensive firearms and ammunition is not enough.  You need to know how to use them, and the people around you need to know as well.  Seek out competent training.  Even if you don’t become a super trained commando, having some basic defensive firearms training is critical.

Your best bet is to know your neighbors and think about how you’d best band together in this type of situation.  The natural impulse here will be to be glued to the TV which is suboptimal at best if you’re near the disturbance.  Be prepared to exhibit leadership if need be and do what needs to be done in order to stay safe.  Read about the Korean shop owners during the Rodney King riots as an example of what may be necessary.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought here.  I’ll be putting together some detailed articles in the near future about two additional disaster scenarios that warrant a bit more detail.  Economic collapse is certainly close to mind these days and my economic collapse series will wrap up with a detailed article about the potential for that sort of disaster in our country.

I also want to write a post about the potential dangers of an Electromagnetic Pulse but that will be paired with a book review of One Second After, by William Forstchen.  I just need to pry the book from my wife’s hands as she just picked it up the other day and can’t put it down.

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