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The Ballot Box is Dead

Politically speaking, I’ve always leaned towards the conservative side of the aisle.

For a long time, that meant voting for the republican when election day rolls around. Yes, there was the occasional vote for the Libertarian candidate, but by and large I was mostly a straight ticket voter.

In Washington State we have local and state wide referendums and ballot measures, and I pretty much always took the conservative side on those as well.

But slowly my thought processes there started to shift. I began to recognize that no matter who was in power, nothing changed.

At this point it’s crystal clear to me that Republican or Democrat, it just doesn’t matter. And that’s generally the case even at the local levels.

I think one of the biggest causes for my mental shift was doing more research into how our country was founded, and what our Founding Fathers truly believed.

I guarantee they are rolling in their graves at what we have let happen.

Nowadays my voting patterns are pretty simple.

Who won’t infringe on my freedoms and rights?

Who won’t pass laws that are outside of the Constitutional boundaries of government?

Who won’t redistribute my money to those that didn’t earn it?

Basically … I want to be left alone by the political subclass. I want them to get the hell out of all of the un-Constitutional things that they spend our money on.

I don’t find very many people worth voting for these days.

Folks, the ballot box is dead. It’s not going to fix a thing. Does it really matter if Obama or Romney gets elected? Will either of them act to fix the rot that is poisoning our country?

Nope. None of them will. Even the vaunted Paul Ryan who is so demonized by the press and the left for his “draconian” cuts has no real plan. His horrible cuts that will devastate the country will take ten years to come into effect … if ever.

They’re driving us off the cliff. All that’s left at this point is for us to prepare for the landing.

And it won’t be pretty.

Focus. Prepare. Educate.

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8 Responses to The Ballot Box is Dead

  1. I agree with you. Though I was usually a Democrat with a few libertarian candidates thrown in, both parties are more in it to win it rather than protecting what is great about this country. I’m thinking we will get involved locally (because all politics are local) and make our community resilient and let the rest worry about their own. Whatever comes, preparing for the worse is better than buying buyring your head in the sand. We will be as self-sufficient as we can be and hope for the best. Thanks for all the interesting and USEFUL information you post. Keep up the good work.

  2. While I might agree with you to a point that we should vote for those who will not infringed on our rights and freedoms. However, what I have seen over the last number of years is the fact I don’t think it matters what they say they will do. In the end, the problem is they forget who they work for and focus on keeping the power.

    Those in DC especially, are more concerned about staying in office for as long as they can because they get there and realize this is a pretty cool lifestyle. They want their salaries, benefits, retirement and all of the other direct benefits of being in office.

    In addition, they love the side benefits of being in office. Besides the power there is the lifestyle of living in DC as a congressman. They all get so caught up in the beltway of living they don’t want to leave and will say anything to stay there. And worst of all, it is both sides of the line who are doing this.

    The only way we are ever going to get any of this changed is to take back our government. Impose term limits and revive the original intent of our Founding Fathers. Get back to the citizen legislature who are doing it part time. We need to get rid of the professional politicians. Get rid of the career politicians. And get back to the parttime legislature and restore state and individual powers.

  3. Citizen legislature is just as dirty as big politics as I should know by my town. Bribes, kickbacks, and covering up crimes of embezzlement. None of those people will ever cross my doorstep. Rudy is right: focus, prepare, educate.

    • Dinah – Based on that, even term limits would not change things. They would know they are there for only so much time and would want to grab as much of the golden egg as they can. They would have nothing to lose as they would not be kissing butt and saying what the people want to hear either. The legislature members would just do what they want to do to get what they want in the short time they are there.

      I also agree with Rudy that we need to “focus, prepare and educate.” But, I am also one who believes we have to not give up and just let those in power do what they are doing and continue to do. If citizen legislatures are not the answer, I wonder what it might be.

      What if we do what Jefferson said we should do as citizens, even if force is needed, take back our government. If your premise of the citizen legislature is all that would happen, why should we bother? I for one refuse to give up on the People of the US to make this all right.

      I am certainly trying to disagree or argue with you on this one Dinah. Like so many, I am trying to find answers.

  4. Rudy.

    I think you are wrong, our real problem is “we fall in love with our elected representatives, on all levels, thinking that they, our beloved representatives, can do no wrong.
    It is the OTHER GUY that is causing all our problems, but my guy or gal is a saint without fault.
    We are paying the STUPID TAX for reelecting the same people over and over again and expecting these crooks will work for us and not themselves.
    On November 6th 2012, when you go into the voting booth, redeem yourself for all your mistakes and vote for the other guy or gal. Forget party loyalties, that is what caused these problems.
    What do you get when you vote for the other guy or gal, you get instant TERM LIMITS.
    I have little to no hope for this country because the people have been dumbed down to the point that the majority do not even know what the Declaration of Independence or our Constitution is and have never read these documents.
    We do not deserve America so, GOOD BYE AMERICA it over.

  5. My mother volunteers at a local senior center. The mayor of the town in which she resides and in which the center is located comes over once a month to talk to the folks there. My mother’s not above giving him an earful…and hearing from one’s constituents is more likely to sway a vote than dead silence, which is easily filled with the murmurings of business and special interests in the absence of an involved voting public.

    Yes, our system’s not working the way it should. However, it’s ‘[o]ur country—when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.’” If we don’t speak up to put it right, and vote, we lose what chance we have to make things the way they should be. That’s part of why Occupy is important – they are speaking up. You can tell how scary they are to the powers that be by the reaction to their activities from police departments and the judicial system.

  6. I want to encourage everyone to NOT GIVE UP!!! Bob Schulz, is getting as many American citizens as possible organized in every town, city, county, and state, to hold OUR elected officials accountable to OUR state, and federal constitutions!! Please check out this website, and contact Bob, I think that it is the best plan that I have heard of so far! The plan is to PEACEFULLY monitor what is going on all accross our nation, and hold the officials accountable, with all the steps to help each person take action, when OUR elected officials are violating our constitutions!!!! We need all true patriots to join together (it is non-partisan), because we are working for the same thing, and the greater number of people, the more influence we can have! PLEASE check this out, and if you are in agreement with it, help, and also share with EVERYONE that you can!!! Thanks!