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How Do I Know What To Use For Barter When TSHTF?

I got an email from a reader asking about the best way to use Silver in the case of an economic collapse. That reader also asked about alternative ways of making economic transactions in that situation.

The reality is that nobody really knows what will happen if the economy collapses. Plenty of folks have speculated. Quite a few have made assertions and assumptions.

But nobody knows for sure.

The best thing we can do is look at historical collapses and go from there.

History tells us that gold and silver are good barter items in general. Hundreds and thousands of years of history show that.

Yet what form? Junk silver? Bars? Rounds? Jewelry? Chains?

Nobody knows for sure. Someone you’re trading with may not know what junk silver is. In that case, bars might come in handy. On the flip side, we have first hand reports out of Argentina that folks would often simply cut links off of gold chains for barter.

Aside from metals though, having food is important, but more importantly having some of those ‘sin goods’ such as tobacco, alcohol, and the like.

Bottom line, don’t put your confidence in one thing. Have a variety of metals, in a variety of forms. Have other barter items on hand. Plan for extras! Have food, maybe some seed packets.

At the end of the day, having variety will provide you with options if that day comes.

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2 Responses to How Do I Know What To Use For Barter When TSHTF?

  1. We all have one thing in common that we can use to barter for goods and that is our labour.

    There are many things that people will want but the items in most need will be building materials, (roofing iron, nails, screws, timber for framing and basic woodworking tools) garden tools, wheelbarrows, wood burning stoves, salt and seeds to name a few.

    Items that you should not use as trade or barter are alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any description because if you become known as a source of any of these items you will become a magnet to all the feral morons who will make your life a well deserved misery when you run out of stock.