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New Blog: Letters From a Homesteading Wife

I came across this interesting blog called Letters From a Homesteading Wife, though I can’t recall where. It’s written by a woman who is doing rural homesteading in Central Washington. This is somewhat familiar of course since we’re also in Washington.

In any case, in no particular order, here’s a few posts I thought were worth pointing out for my faithful readers to enjoy:

  • Pickle Making – We love pickles, and have canned quite a few in our day.  This is a great informational post about the art of making pickles from just about anything, and even a bit about food preservation history.
  • Respect the Chicken – I found her commentary here rather amusing, particularly about the sheer number of eggs you end up with.  Certainly fits with our chicken raising experience!
  • Best Book For the Modern Homesteader – Any prepper that doesn’t own at least one copy of this book needs to rectify that situation right now!  (We own two copies)
  • Canning Peaches and Plums – We’ve put in a ton of peaches the last two years.  We were fortunate to find a great source of peaches this year, at about $0.25/lb.  Not bad for Washington State!
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