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Blogs and Websites I Like!

I read and follow quite a few blogs and other websites, and I wanted to share those with you. I’ve dropped them into a few major categories to make things a bit easier to keep track of.

Preparedness and Survival

Of primary interest, I’m guessing, is the list of preparedness and survival oriented blogs and websites I like. Here’s that list!

  • Bayou Renaissance Man
  • Bison Survival Blog
  • Deals To Meals
  • Eternity Road
  • Food Storage…A Necessary Adventure
  • Frugal Canning
  • I Drive My Tractor In Pearls
  • Internet Prepper
  • Keep It Simple Survival
  • Laptop And A Rifle
  • Little House In The Suburbs
  • Modern Survival Online
  • Neithercorp Press
  • Nom de plume: Rivrdog
  • Notes from the bunker…
  • Open Source Ecology
  • Outback Medicine
  • Paratus Familia
  • Prep-Blog
  • Prepare!
  • Preparedness Pro
  • Random Nuclear Strikes
  • Rural Revolution
  • Safely Gathered In
  • SHTF Blog
  • Something Wicked This Way
  • Survival Blog
  • Survival Mama
  • Surviving In Argentina
  • The Survival Doctor
  • The Survival Mom
  • The Survival Podcast
  • The Survivalist Blog
  • The Ultimate Answer To Kings
  • Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest
  • Economics and Finance

    Next, there are a few economics and financial oriented sites I follow. I highly recommend them.

  • Coyote Blog
  • Frugal Dad
  • Gonzalo Lira
  • of two minds
  • Shenandoah
  • The Market Ticker
  • Zero Hedge
  • Guns and Liberty

    Even though I don’t really talk about it here on the blog, I am also quite the gun aficionado, and I love shooting. So I have a list of sites I follow for that topic as well. If you’re a gun nut like me, you’ll like these! Also included are some sites that are generally oriented towards personal liberty and freedom.

  • Heartless Libertarian
  • Mr. Completely
  • Say Uncle
  • The AnarchAngel
  • The Freeholder
  • The LawDog Files
  • The View From North Central Idaho
  • Miscellaneous

    This is where I list other interesting sites that I follow that don’t fit into any of the other categories.

  • Dad Thing
  • Works and Days
  • How Do I Get My Site On This List?

    Well, right now I don’t really do reciprocal linking as a general rule because I am very careful about what I recommend to my readers.  But if you have a site you think fits into these categories, or that I or my readers would  like, leave a comment here on the page or email me at and I’ll check it out.  If I like your site, I’ll drop a link here!

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