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Bolting Spinach, My Oh My

The Pacific Northwest hasn’t been exactly sunny and warm this year.  In fact, we had a ton of snow recently in the mountains, and it’s been downright cold.

Except for recently, when we had a bit of a warm stretch.  Which we enjoyed, but some of our plants … not so much.

Specifically, our favorite spinach didn’t like the three days of sun we just had and decided to bolt. Since we really DID enjoy it, I’m thinking about saving seed from the plants.

I’ve never saved spinach seed before. Anyone have any hints or guidelines they’d like to share?

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5 Responses to Bolting Spinach, My Oh My

  1. I don’t have any tips, as a first-time gardener myself, but one of my mesclun mix lettuce plants bolted in the past few days, too, and I was wondering how to go about saving the seed. Today is supposed to be the hotttest day yet for us here (forecast high of 96), so I’m thinking the rest of my lettuce will bolt soon, too. There goes a quarter of my “garden”! Ah well, it served us well. Anyway, please keep us posted on what you find out!

  2. The easiest way to save seeds from greens is to wait until the seeds are ready, then either cut off the tops or bend them over into a brown paper lunch bag and then shake shake shake! Either that or you can cut off the seed heads and rub them between your fingers to release the seeds, let it all dry, then sort of “winnow” away all the other stuff.

  3. Condolences on the spinach bolting. Can’t offer much on seed saving since I plan to start doing that this year, but I can sympathize/empathize with you on the bolting. I had some lettuce do that a couple of years ago before I had even gotten to have a single salad with it :(

  4. Maybe you could try cutting off the tops and letting it regrow, as long as it doesn’t get bitter on you. I am still waiting for my spinich to really grow, but the bok choi I have decided needs to be a winter plant here closer to Portland.