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Buckle Up, This Is Getting Bumpy…

Remember me telling you just yesterday that the bank runs in Greece would spread to Spain and elsewhere?

A report came out tonight saying that depositors in Bankia, one of the premier Spanish banks, have withdrawn over $1 BILLION Euros in the last couple days.

So it spreads.

In other news, Moody’s downgraded 16 other Spanish banks. Think that depositors will be pulling cash out of there too?

Oh, and Fitch has downgraded Greece from B- credit to CCC credit, which is the lowest it can get without being in complete default.

But back to Spain for a minute … Apparantly the Spanish banks are holding around $100 Billion Euros in bad real estate loans. Sooner or later those will get hit as well.

Folks, this isn’t getting better. It just isn’t.

Get ready. This will be one bumpy ride.

Have cash.  Have metals.  Have food.  Have water.  Have medical supplies.  Have guns.  Have ammo.  Have friends.

Have confidence.

Have faith.

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3 Responses to Buckle Up, This Is Getting Bumpy…

  1. Rudy, you said it! Isn’t it interesting that Glenn Beck predicted this would come to pass two years ago. I believe the whole plan is to tear everything down to rebuild as a world government.

  2. I agree – put as much as you can into stocking up on the necessities you use every day. This is the best form of wealth preservation. Only then stock up on cash, precious metals, etc.

  3. I agree,you read the headlines today and if you watched Beck it all seems like he saw it coming.I have to believe that either he is getting alot of help from the man upstairs or he is one hell of a guesser.