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A Bunch Of Interesting Links

So I tend to accumulate interesting links over time, and I think I’ll share some of them from time to time here.  So with varying amounts of comment, here’s some of the things that have caught my eye over the last week or so:

This article talks about Justice Kagan’s first vote as a Supreme Court Justice.  In this case she decided to vote against an execution because the lethal injection drug used has not been shown to not cause long term damage.  Say What?  Last time I checked we used the drug as part of an execution.  Who cares what the long term effects are?

Mark Steyn has a series that he’s running this week about some of the key issues in this year’s election.  He’s posted the first three in the series, and I enjoyed them.  Part three was … enlightening!  Check them out and read the rest of the series!  Part One, Part Two, Part Three

John Galt over at posted a warning on his blog yesterday about post election possibilities.  Read it, think about it, and take appropriate action.  If you don’t listen to John’s radio show ‘The Voice of Galt’ on The Watchmen, you should.  He’s got good stuff, and he’s entertaining as well.  He’s on the air from 6-8pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.  That time isn’t convenient for me, so I download the recorded show every night and listen to it on my way to work.  I highly recommend taking the time to listen to his show.  More details are available on his blog.

CBS News posted an article called “99 Weeks: When Unemployment Benefits Run Out” that is full of all sorts of interesting things.  People looking for work for two years and not finding anything at all.  They also come up with a ‘real unemployment’ number that includes the underemployed of 17%, which I still think is a bit lower than it actually is.

Rourke over at Modern Survival Online is giving away a brand new Jericho Season I DVD Set.  Go check out the post and enter the contest if you are interested!  I’ve seen the show a couple times all the way through and it’s pretty entertaining and provides good food for thought, even if parts of it are pretty … unrealistic!

Well, that’s enough for now!  Hope you enjoy these!

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