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Busy Bees and Maple Honey

This last weekend the weather stayed pretty good around here, and so I took that opportunity to go visit my apiary and take a better look at the hive that survived.

My brother in law decided to tag along as well … he’s never seen a hive in person, and it was a good learning opportunity for him.

When we arrived at the bee yard I could see plenty of activity at the entrance, which was great! On my last visit the girls were bringing in tons of pollen, but this time the pollen was few and far between.

I popped the top and took a look inside, pulling a few frames. I inspected three different frames and found capped Maple honey. So delicious! Maple is one of my favorite varieties and it is pretty rare because the weather generally doesn’t cooperate well enough to get a harvest.

Unfortunately the honey is in the brood chamber, so they probably won’t actually make enough for me to harvest. I’ve got a super on just in case though!

The wind was gusting pretty good though and I almost had a frame or two get blown out of my hand. So I decided enough was enough and cut the inspection short. It’s unfortunate because I really wanted to get into the brood nest and check the laying pattern, etc.

Oh well, next time.

I’m hoping we have a much better April than we did March. It would bode quite well for production this year. I’d like to take honey off our hives this year!

This year I’m going to test a couple additional things I learned about over the winter. I’m going to add follower boards to the brood chambers, dropping them to nine frames instead of ten.

I’m also going to put slatted racks in right on top of the bottom board. This supposedly helps with keeping the hive cool as well as reducing swarm tendencies.

Finally, I’m going to play with a few top feeder / ventilation eke combos and see ifI can find something I like.

Oh, and last but not least … I need to find a new bee yard closer to home. Of course if I move, then maybe the current spot is good 😉

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