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A Busy Week and a Virus Attack

The previous owners left us a gift…

So I kinda disappeared again for a few days … I made a (final?) trip with the last of our belongings from our old house in the Puget Sound area.  It was intended to be a shorter trip, but ended up being a couple days.  Blah!

Glad to be home, but the weekend was slam packed with stuff, and I had catching up to do today, so no posts made it out.  I’ve got plenty to talk about starting Wednesday morning though, so stay tuned.

On a side note, it seems like a few of you are getting anti virus warnings from the site.  For whatever reason, AVG has decided that my site hosts malware.  Google, Norton, and a number of other premium anti virus vendors don’t agree, but AVG is pretty convinced.

While I couldn’t really find anything on my end, I did reinstall a bunch of stuff today just in case.  If you continue to get warnings, please let me know, especially if it’s not from AVG.

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3 Responses to A Busy Week and a Virus Attack

  1. Thanks for this post. I use AVG and started getting the message, a new development. I was getting concerned but was able to access both the posts from today’s message w/out a problem. Thanks :)