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An Alarming Economic Picture

An Alarming Economic Picture

I don’t really want to harp on our economic issues too often, but there have been a few tidbits in the news lately that I feel compelled to discuss. Despite the current claims by the national media and the government, things just aren’t going all that well. Our Oh So Sustainable Deficit Our federal deficit… Continue Reading

Delusions and Deceptions

Delusions and Deceptions

If you listen to the national media you will consistently hear that the outlook for the future is rosy!  You should probably invest in a good pair of shades! Employment is recovering. Washington DC is getting serious about cutting spending. Inflation isn’t happening. We believe them, right? Maybe not. Unemployment Is Far Far Worse Than… Continue Reading

The American Dream

The American Dream

Take thirty minutes and sit down to watch this video clip.  You won’t regret it. You will walk away with a new perspective on things. After you watch it, pass it on to other people. Continue Reading

Are You Ready For Austerity Riots?

Nobody expects it to happen here.  We go about our day to day lives expecting nothing much to change.  Yet beneath the calm and normal exterior of your average American existence lies something completely unexpected. The veneer of civilization is razor thin.  And most people do not understand just how quickly things can devolve into… Continue Reading

Anatomy of an Economic Collapse – Zimbabwe

I wrote last week about the historical economic collapse of the Weimar Republic due to hyperinflation.  Today I want to write about another collapse that is more recent but also very different in root cause.  The core of the collapse remains hyperinflation, but in the case if Zimbabwe the causes of hyperinflation are drastically different.… Continue Reading

Inflation? No Problem!

Today we’ll talk about inflation!  I’m hoping you’ve read my article on deflation and depression and my primer on currency.  If you haven’t read those two posts, go read them and then come back and continue here! In the deflation article we established that deflation is an overall decline in price, or increase in the… Continue Reading

Deflation and Depression

If you haven’t read my introduction to currencies you should go read that now.  Really, I’ll wait.  Now that you’re done, let’s talk about deflation.  Most people hear the word deflation and panic because it sounds really darn scary. Actually, deflation is neither good nor bad inherantly.  The causes of deflation are the REAL problem. … Continue Reading

Currency and the Gold Standard

It occurred to me that before I dissect any other economic collapses from the history books I should probably explain some of the basics of currencies and the two types of inflation: Hyperinflation and Deflation. If you already know all of this, feel free to heckle from the back row! On to Currency! What is… Continue Reading

Anatomy of an Economic Collapse – Weimar Republic

This is the first example of an economic collapse situation I want to highlight.  I’ll do a couple different ones so that you, my faithful reader, will have an idea of some of the potential chaos that can happen.  Normally this would be more of a scenario but as it’s a real historic event I… Continue Reading

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