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What Else To Do With Wheat

Everyone knows you use wheat for bread, right?  But do you know what else you can use it for?  Lisa over at The Survival Mom has a good post on alternative uses for wheat.  Go check it out! While we certainly use wheat for bread around here, I really like using it for cereal (white… Continue Reading

The Proper Care and Feeding of Stored Wheat

Wheat. The cornerstone of life. The centerpiece of any long term food storage solution and something that should be included in everyone’s plans. But do you know how to take care of it, to properly store it, to keep it safe and ready to be consumed? I’ll assume that you’ve read some of the earlier… Continue Reading

Long Term Storage of Sugar, Honey, and Syrups

Despite the horrible things that you hear nowadays about sugar and carbohydrates and whatnot, they’re actually a critical part of your diet.  And they provide a great energy dense source of calories.  And besides, how do you make cookies from your food storage if you don’t have any sweetener? There are three major classifications of… Continue Reading

Storage Options for Long Term Storage of Dry Food

When storing dry goods for long term there are some common requirements regardless of what you’re storing.  First, things should be stored cool.  Below 75 degrees is best, cooler if possible.  Second, food should be stored in the dark.  For some foods it won’t matter, but many vitamins and whatnot are sensitive to light and… Continue Reading

Long Term Storage of Dried Milk

The cornerstone to any long term storage of dairy products is dried milk.  It keeps well when properly stored.  It tastes reasonably similar to fresh milk when reconstituted, and tastes even better if you add a touch of flavoring such as vanilla extract or powdered milk flavoring (my kids love strawberry!) at the same time… Continue Reading

Long Term Food Storage Planning

We all know the food pyramid that the USDA has foisted upon us.  Pile on the bread, baby!  Regardless of whether you actually buy into the serving counts, it stands as a half decent reference point for figuring out what to store for long term.  It also helps us identify potential gaps in our long… Continue Reading

A Concrete Example of Short to Medium Term Food Storage

So earlier I posted about our concept of short to medium term food storage.  If you haven’t read that post, go back and read it now.  I’ll wait, I promise.  I’m still waiting.  No really, I am.  Well, while we’re waiting maybe I’ll just go ahead and show everyone else what I’m talking about. I’m… Continue Reading

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