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90 Days Left:  The Plan

90 Days Left: The Plan

man-listening-to-womanWhen we last left off we had finished our prioritization overall.  Now it’s time to get some real plans in gear.

Remember, our goal is to have a years worth of sustianability in case we can’t leave the house.

For better or worse, I lied a little when I said that our prioritization was done.  The initial part was, sure, but as part of the actual plan you have to consider the relative priority of various preps.

We’ll assume you have the whole shelter thing nailed, and you’re staying in your home.  Bugging out is beyond the scope of this exercise.

As an example, water is generally going to be your highest priority.  You can’t last without it.  You may be blessed with a well, or a river through your back yard, but what happens if that pump fails?

Since water is so incredibly heavy and bulky, it often makes sense to only store a few weeks or months worth and make sure you have methods of procuring and sanitizing additional water.

Food will generally be your next priority.  As with water there’s two main components here.  Storage and resupply.

Storage for food is straight forward.  Start with staples that you eat, then add more variety as budget allows.  Don’t forget the herbs and spices…

The nice thing about food is most resupply plans let you live for a year with only six to seven months of storage.  If you’re able to hunt, fish, garden, or raise protein at or near home, then you’ll be able to augment your food storage.

So you might still be eating beans and rice from storage, but if it’s accompanied by a nice salad from your garden and a slab of fried fish … awesome.  And nowhere near the amount of consumption out of your stores vs your fresh food.

The other area I’ll touch on as an important area is defense.  Problem here is that it’s really easy to go overboard here and since we have a limited time window and presumably limited dollars, we must be careful.

So make sure you have a handgun if you don’t already, and a long gun – preferably a semi auto AR-15 or AK-47 style weapon, but a shotgun will do if need be.  Have several hundred rounds of both types of ammo onhand at minimum.

If you don’t know how to use those weapons, be sure to add some budget for a training class.  Absolute requirement.

Then stop.  Don’t go get another couple guns, or cases of ammo, or fancy night sights, etc until you have your other areas squared away.

This is contrary to modern prepping gospel, but I think with the limited time window here, you are better off focusing on other areas once you have some basic defensive preps in place.

Certainly at some point when you have more of your preps in place, you’ll want to add in some more ammo (especially) and maybe another weapon or two.  But that’s a secondary priority.

Enough for tonight … more on planning next time!

90 Days Left:  Prioritization

90 Days Left: Prioritization

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New Series:  90 Days Left

New Series: 90 Days Left

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There’s Never Enough Time

There’s Never Enough Time

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So Much To Do, So Little Time

So Much To Do, So Little Time

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Is the Flu Coming?

Is the Flu Coming?

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Normalcy Bias Gets Us All

Normalcy Bias Gets Us All

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