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Now Is Not The Time For Panic Buys

Now Is Not The Time For Panic Buys

For the last two days I’ve heard all sorts of stuff about buying guns and ammo because they might be banned.

Just like four years ago.  They called Obama the best gun salesman ever, and it looks like that record will be beaten.

I hope and pray none of you are out buying cases of ammo or more guns because they’re coming to take them away soon, or they’ll be banned soon.

The laws of supply and demand are a constant.  When demand goes way up, so does the price.

And that means right now is not the right time to be going out and buying stuff in a panic because it might be banned.

Hopefully you already have a reasonable amount of guns and ammo on hand.

In which case there’s pretty much no reason to run out and fill up a few carts.

If you already had guns or ammo at the top of your TODO list, then maybe wait a few weeks for things to settle down a bit.  They will.

Now just because I say don’t panic doesn’t mean that there’s not a risk.  It’s entirely possible that the Feds will make a play for guns and/or ammo.

Most likely we’ll see it coming, regardless of whether we can do anything about it or not.

But I’m guessing that any sort of new 2nd Amendment infringements aren’t going to be tops on the agenda.

And that means that we’ll see demand go back down when people stop panicking.  And that will be the time to buy.

See, even though I think that you shouldn’t go out and buy NOW, I do think it’s prudent to bump up storage levels of ammo and guns a bit.  Just not now when everyone and their brother is out buying.

If you feel pretty well stocked, well, when things are back to reasonable levels, buy more.

If you’re not stocked but it wasn’t a priority last week, bump it a bit higher on the list once things are back to those levels.

Buy extra for training.  And go get trained.

Remember always … panic is the enemy of wise decisions.

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