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Choices and Forks In The Road

So today, a bit of a look into my thought processes, and some of the things that my wife and I are wrestling with right now.

I’ve wanted for quite some time to move away from office work and into work that is at minimum locationally independant, and preferably time independant as well.

Today I was handed an offer to come work for a small company doing work that is fairly interesting to me. It is 100% remote work, so I can work from anywhere in the world. To a certain extent it’s also time independant … my actual schedule isn’t set, so I can pretty much define when I work.

So far so good, right?

Well, it comes with a financial hit. The amount I’d be making would be enough to live on, but a tad tighter than I’d like. There’s potential upside down the road (I would have a small ownership stake in the company to make up for the salary hit) but we’d probably decide to move out of our current home into a cheaper one.

Choices, choices… And one we’ll have to make soon.

If I take this job it opens up some interesting possibilities for us. Moving is pretty much a foregone conclusion, probably this summer.

The question is … where?

Do we stay in the general area and just move out a bit farther, get a place with some land and a cheaper cost of living overall?

Or do we go a little drastic and build a house out on our property and move there. To do this, we somehow have to come up with a pretty hefty chunk of change for construction costs.

Then there’s the kids to consider, dealing with uprooting them from school, potentially far enough away that their old friends won’t be particularly convenient to visit.

Quite the fork in the road. Not sure where we’re going to go…But it should be interesting!

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2 Responses to Choices and Forks In The Road

  1. Hey Rudy, exciting times for sure.

    Not that it matters, I know which I would pick. I would take this as an opportunity to truly develop the property you already have into the place you want it to be. This would get you to your ultimate location and your resources into one location too.

    While I don’t know the ages of your children, what I have found after raising 4 sons to adulthood is children are amazing and they do adjust just fine. The key is the family core and that my friend is intact and thriving from what I can tell from must reading your blog.

    Drop me an email sometime, would love to talk shop.

  2. Good luck. Those are similar to the issues we are dealing with today. Hang in there and keep us posted.