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Clothes Make The Prepper…

As any of you who are parents will attest to, kids grow. And grow. And grow some more.

They can go through clothes like there’s no tomorrow.

It gets amusing to listen to one kid gripe about hand me downs one day, and then want to dig through a bag of hand me downs the next day to see if there’s anything in there that they like.

And then, of course, it’s off to the store to make sure that they all have clothing that fits.

Which is all fine and dandy when everything is reasonable, but if the economy implodes or we have some other major emergency, you’ll need to know how to make do.

The first thing you should do is be sure to stockpile clothes. This means having extra clothes in the sizes your kids wear now, as well as sizes that are larger for them to grow into.

You’ll also want to be sure to have clothes for other kids too … In particular if you’re of child bearing age and you might have more kids. Having clothes for an unplanned addition to the family wouldn’t hurt.

Second, you or someone in your family should know how to sew and mend clothes. Knowing how to make new clothes, alter clothes you already have, and fix other clothes will be pretty useful in an emergency type situation that lasts any longer period of time.

And don’t forget to add consumables such as thread, cloth, patches, and the like to your stores!

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3 Responses to Clothes Make The Prepper…

  1. My wife and I decided as we get a little older and our bodies expand a little we should keep the clothing we no longer can fit into. That way we have clothes to wear when times get lean and our bodies get a little leaner also. (you never want to remain anywhere near over weight if times do get lean. It makes you an easy target to those who do not have the resources you do.

  2. I’m so glad you wrote about this! It’s my favorite area of prepping.

    I have two children. I have clothes for them in the next 5 sizes or so. All but a very few are second hand. I even have coats, packages of new under-things, socks, and new shoes for them for YEARS to come. I have mostly “cold weather” clothes because I know that many articles can be turned into “summer clothes” when they no longer fit. While I *think* we are done having kids, I’ve kept a few baby things just-in-case. I can not part with our cloth diapers. I imagine they’ll be like gold after TSHTF.

    I’m pretty good at sewing, but if we have no electricty I know my handsewing skills will provide useful. I think it’s worth teaching our girls and BOYS how to fix or mend their clothes.

  3. I invested in a treadle sewing machine this year because I do a lot of sewing and have boxes of fabric that can be made into useable clothing for years (not to mention the ‘stash’ of quilt fabric!). I also have a good selection of patterns so that the fabric and stitching aren’t going to waste! If the rest of my prep work were as far along as the clothing, I’d be in great shape!!!