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Cold Smoking and Salt Curing of Meat, Fish and Game

A critical consideration for any longer term emergency situation is the ability to preserve food. While we all understand the concepts of root cellars and foods that store longer on their own, storing and preserving meat, fish, and other proteins is a bit hairy without refrigeration. Well, I think the point is we DON’T want the meat to be hairy…

In any case, when Borders was closing down I perused their shelves for anything even remotely prepping related and picked up what I could. Among my finds was a book by A. D. Livingston called ‘Cold-Smoking and Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, and Game

While it is a relatively short book and a quick read, I was pretty darn pleased with my purchase. I’m a reasonable cook, and pretty good on the barbeque and the grill, I’ve never tried salt curing or cold smoking anything. I’ve had the theoretical knowledge that “this is what you need to do” but never any real guide to how it works.

Well, that’s no longer the case. As the name would imply, this book is split into two main sections with a few extras at the end. The first section covers salt curing while the second section handles the cold smoking.

In each section of ‘Cold-Smoking and Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, and Game‘ the author goes over the method for the section with a detailed chapter on the ‘Why this works’, followed by a chapter each for Fish, Meat, and Game. Each chapter has several different methods as well as recipes for cooking with your preserved meats.

There’s also plans on how to build a modern walk-in smokehouse, why to choose certain kinds of wood for smoking, and my favorite, how to make real country hams with nothing but salt and some smoke.

I realize that there’s some of you that already know all about this stuff, but for those of us who don’t, you ought to pick it up.

Oh, he’s got a bunch of other good books with recipes and whatnot. Check out his author page on Amazon for more.

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