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Collapsing Economies and Illegal Gardens

Every day I hear more and more that reinforces my feelings on self sufficiency. The biggest concerns I have are around finances and food.

From a financial standpoint, nothing is getting any better, and in fact things are getting worse. Greece has defaulted, and today they owe a massive debt payment. We’ll see if they make it.

Other European countries are heading towards the brink, even though they’re aware of whats coming the powers that be in the EU have been unable to stop the trains momentum towards the cliff.

Things here aren’t any better. Inflation has skyrocketed and shows no signs of stopping. The value of the dollar continues to decline. Gas prices are ridiculous.

Unemployment isn’t getting any better, wages are stagnant, and houses just aren’t selling. And my favorite … the Fed is pretty much the only group interested in buying US Treasuries, which means we’re basically holding our own debt.

Someone tell me how on earth we can buy our own debt like this and have it actually mean something other than exponential hyperinflation resulting in a currency collapse?

On the food front, we have the government telling people they can’t grow food in their own yard. That it’s illegal to have a garden.

Then you have folks with guns raiding small suppliers of organic food such as raw milk because they’re somehow dangerous. These folks are facing more jail time than they would if they robbed a bank or a car. How does that make sense?

And to top it all off, every mainstream supplier of seeds is committed to providing us franken foods that our bodies don’t know what to do with. These foods make animals sick, let alone humans.

The same food conglomerates are feeding the livestock that we eat that junk, and it makes them sick. And we eat them. The nutrient profile of commercially raised meat isn’t even remotely close to that of home grown meat.

So what do we do about it?

First, start building financial independance. Start small, and work at it regularly. Consider picking up some skills that you can leverage into side income. Start a businesss.

Bottom line, do something. You need alternative income streams, stored money, and a plan in case you lose your job.

Second, have food, water, and household goods stored. Target two months of water, six or more months of food, and enough TP to build a paper mache castle.

Third, grow something. Get good non GMO seeds and start growing stuff that you eat. Practice here is essential. Don’t expect to be able to start growing stuff with no issues if there’s a problem with the food distribution system or something. It won’t happen.

What are you going to do about it?

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10 Responses to Collapsing Economies and Illegal Gardens

  1. Rudy, Once again you hit the nail on the head. To hit on one point, “it’s illegal to have a garden.” Controlling our food supply is just one step in controlling the population. And this is what this government is looking to do under our current “leadership.” Rather scary we can now face fines and jail time for growing our own food.

    What’s next? Telling us how many children we can have. Facing fines if we have the wrong sex child.

    I wake up every morning just waiting for the next shoe to drop.

  2. When you start growing what you eat, stay away from the exotic stuff until you get the basics down pat. Check to make sure your growing season will support the item you want to grow; for example, watermelon and canteloupe are hard to grow in the Seattle area because we don’t have the degree days – it isn’t warm/sunny enough on enough consecutive days for the plants to thrive. If you eat a lot of item X, stagger your planting so that you have some maturing one week, then some the next, and so on (it’s not exact, but planting some each week helps you avoid the OMG-zucchini! effect of having planted the package all at once and being overrun with zukes.

    Incorporate edible plants into your landscape; things like blueberries and currents are nice bushes as well as food crops.

    Google ‘sample vegetable garden plans’ and ‘permaculture’ for more information.

    • I agree completely … though we actually got a couple watermelons last year, even with the horrible weather in Seattle.

  3. I would also add that everyone should work on getting physically fit and learning basic maintenance skills. I thank God my Dad was an all-around handyman who forced us kids to help (and thereby learn) and that Mom was an excellent gardener who forced us kids to cultivate and weed the garden every year (and thereby learn). Grandma was a seamstress (and gardener) into her 90s, thereby providing not only example but a rich resource of wisdom.

    Another item to add to the list is to stock up on screws, nuts, bolts, etc. In a truly bad situation, these items may be difficult to manufacture by any other than industrial machinery. Nails can be blacksmithed with some effort, but screws and such are machined out of hardened steel.

    Merely growing food is not sufficient if the produce is stolen.Thorny edible plants like blackberries can be used as security around the homestead, too. Why spend money for a fence when lazy bad guys will hesitate to wade through raspberry or blackberry brambles? If edible isn’t possible, then try hollies and rugosa roses (although the rose hips from this type are edible and make an excellent source of Vit C).

  4. Read your Constitutions carefully. Cities will make and use unconstitutional laws to outlaw gardens. In Washington at least three I know of has said a garden is a nuisance and their laws have been declared unconstitutional and they still use them and their lawsuits are in violation of state law. They can be beat, but it takes work and it takes time. Most of all it takes the knowledge of knowing you are right.

    • The biggest problem there is that they’ll move forward even if they know it’s unconstitutional … they know how much it will cost you to fight it, and it’s a calculated choice.

      We see it all the time. It’s ridiculous.

  5. Indeed, these are scary times we live in. On top of all the financial manipulations going on within our debt system, we can’t seem to keep from starting wars and “military actions.” I’m not one to oppose kicking someone in the teeth if they need it, but when we have 3 or 4 wars going at once they can start to get pretty expensive. It’s starting to look like we are going to war ourselves into bankruptcy. When it all comes caving in, self sufficiency and self reliance will be the new status symbols in society.

    • Wars are an excuse to keep taking our rights and to provide a nice distraction to the populace at large…