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There’s Nothing Constant Like Change

A few changes are on their way thanks to your feedback and some things that have been bugging me lately.

First, I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit in sharing some of the stuff I find online. I’m a voracious reader and after I sit down to review the news and other blogs, I consistently end up with anywhere from six to sixty links that I want to share with you.

And I don’t. And I feel terrible about it.

So I found a way to make it easy on me to share these things with you in a way that I can do it right away and not kid myself that I’ll do it later.

There are three ways you can see the things that I want to share.

  • Everything I share will go out via Twitter as I share it.
  • Anything I think you should definitely see goes onto my Facebook Wall. So if you ‘Like’ my Facebook page, you’ll see them in your news feed right away.
  • Finally, every night there will be a blog post with a list of the links I shared that day, along with any commentary or excerpts that went along with it.

    You’ll get notified about that post in your Email if you are on my mailing list (If not, you should be! Click here for more information.)

Rudy’s Note:  I set this up today, but it will go back several days for the links I’ve shared, since I’ve been sharing them for a while.  So the post that goes up tonight will be … HUGE!  Most of them won’t be quite so big!

If you’re not on my mailing list, or want to go looking yourself, there’s a new spot on the homepage that you should check out. Which brings me to…

The Second Change!

Some of you expressed that it was hard to find some of my older posts. So I changed the homepage around a bit.

Before today it was a list of posts in order of most recent to least recent. Now there are three different areas.

The top area is a featured area for my five most recent posts. When I write new stuff, this is where it shows up first.

Below the featured area there’s two other sections. One of them is for popular but older posts, and the other is for my daily news posts from newest to oldest.

So if you’re looking for the news posts, either check your mail or scroll down a bit past the featured posts and there they are!

Third, I’ve been playing with adding Facebook comments, but it doesn’t seem like too many of you have been using them. So I want to hear from you … do you like the Facebook comments or should I skip them and focus on the WordPress comments?

Let me know!

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6 Responses to There’s Nothing Constant Like Change

  1. I don’t sign up for Facebook for any of the survival sites because I want to keep my personal life seperate from the “public” sites on Facebook. Facebook is so connected that I get stupid things like person A, B, and C all like Target. A may be on my list of family and friends but B and C are distantly connected from someone who is on my list. At some point I may make a What If It Is Today Facebook page, but not now, so for me, if it’s not on this page I’m not going to see it.

  2. I don’t “twitter” nor do I “facebook” so I will wait to see your emails. Thanks for all your help.

  3. I too don’t use “facebook” or “twitter” for many reasons. However I always check your site whenever I get an email from you. Keep doing this and I will be a continuous and loyal reader.

  4. Rudy, I am another of those who like to keep personal stuff personal, so prefer the emails to Facebook. I have never gotten into Twitter – tried it and did not like it. I do have a Facebook page, but it is for purely social things.

    Thanks for all your posts,

  5. I love the emails. While I sometimes go to Facebook, I would rather not use it for anything like this. Thank you for the info……. Much appreciated!!