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Could It Happen Here?

My wife and I have been watching a mini series on the History Channel about the rise and fall of the Third Reich.  The first part of the series, covering the rise of Hitler, raised the question in my mind…

Could it happen here?

The long and short of it is that yes, it can.  It has before, though not here.  It can again, and it could be here.

The parallels are disturbing, to say the least.

Economic Turmoil

The massive economic impact to the German economy after World War I is well known.  If you haven’t read my article on Weimar Germany, you should.

The unemployment and economic woes suffered in the 1920’s and early ’30s were a fundamental factor in the rise of Adolf Hitler.  Things were bad enough before the inflation problems hit, but when they did, the stage was set.

But while things were bad in Germany after WW I, the big NY Stock Exchange crash in 1929 seriously impacted Germany as well.  Unemployment, already high, skyrocketed.  This was a direct and major cause of the Nazi parti coming to power in 1930.

Even then economic issues across the world impacted Germany.  Anyone think that us being even more connected today will help when things start to crumble?  Or will the fact that we’re all standing on the edge of the cliff tied together pull us all over when others start falling?

Do you think that an economic collapse here wouldn’t have the rank and file American searching for someone to fix things?  Or at least someone who says they can?

A Common Enemy

Then there’s something every dictator needs.  A common enemy to focus people on.  I’m not going to go in depth on this, but suffice it to say that having an enemy that people are convinced about lets the folks pulling the puppet strings put controls and restrictions in place that they’d otherwise never be able to.

Patriot Act anyone?

One key thing to consider is that most of the time these enemies are internal.  That’s pretty much an absolute requirement, for reasons I’ll touch on later on.

Rome had it’s Christians to blame.  Hitler blamed the Jews.  Here in America we’re hearing all about how we have these domestic terror suspects.  Those evil preppers and Constitutionalists.

A Nation of Tattletales

Every good dictator also has people tattling on others.  A nice big network of informants is absolutely critical.  When you get neighbor informing on neighbor, people are afraid to talk, even behind closed doors.  It’s just another way to control people.

They all do this.  It’s completely predictable.  Sometimes they take it to a new level, like the East German Stasi.  But it’s a key component to control folks.

Does the “See Something, Say Something” program ring a bell?  How about the DHS telling us to let them know if we see things we find suspicious on Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere on the Internet?

Internal Security Forces

Back to the common enemy part for a minute though.  Remember how I said they have to be an internal enemy?

That’s because if they’re an internal enemy, it can be used to justify cracking down on the freedoms of the people, removing rights, enlisting internal security forces and secret police agencies to “protect” us from the enemy, and watching everything people do.  You can’t do that with an external enemy.

And in almost every case, that internal enemy is a construct.  It’s created through lies, propaganda, and manipulation.

All in the name of safety.

Do it for the children!

Nazi Germany had the SD and the Gestapo.  Communist Russia had eight or so individual secret police agencies.  China has the MSS.  And so on…  We’ve got the DHS.

TSA ring a bell?  Sure, it started as a airport security farce, but they’ve moved into bus terminals, sporting events, political rallys, and weigh stations.  They’ve started doing compliance tests where they order everyone to freeze, even though they have no statutory authority to do so.

Oddly enough, that’s also fairly common.  These police agencies start off benign, but move beyond their legal authority.  Nobody does anything about it because the folks that would have to shut them down or reign them in are the same people that benefit by their overreaches.

Could It Happen Here?

I could rant for a couple thousand words about how wrong so much of what we’re seeing today is.  But that’s not productive here.  Also, please don’t read this as a political rant with the Republicans or Democrats.  As you know, I think that’s a joke, and a false dichotomy there to manipulate and divide us.  The real battle is between the people that want to control us and We The People.

Tomorrow I’ll write about some things you can do to fight back.  Today, please share your thoughts in the comments…


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14 Responses to Could It Happen Here?

  1. You can blame the turn of events on George W. Bush and 9/11. That’s when out freedoms were taken away and we became domestic terrorists.

    • Actually, it started well before then. Things have been turning around since Woodrow Wilson. To blame just one president, especially Bush is not looking at the bigger picture.

      Also, while it is easy for us to blame our politicians. Lets not forget that we as a nation have basically sit around on our hands and allowed all of this to happen too. Part of the blame certainly rest with us.

  2. I, personally, find many of my important conversations are whispered and/ or in the Jeep while out driving… feel safe talking to just anyone? No! More and more I find myself keeping exceedingly more private~ And~ setting people up with a ‘juicy tidbit’ to see if they’ll spread it… they usually do, one way or another… so, my trusted circle gets smaller and smaller…
    Even my blogging has changed… at one time I promoted Edible Parkways~ a campaign I was trying to start where everyone planted edibles in their parkway… neighbors could come together in this… each grow their specialty… enough food for all~ even the homeless! I had so many people cruising by my house, not to stop for free Swiss Chard, but casing the place!
    AS for what happened in Germany happening here~ it has already started and I’m not sure how we stop it… what can an ‘average’ single mom do? How do those of us who ‘get it’ come together to stop this?

  3. It’s kind of funny in a way. After 9/11 and they came out with DHS and the Patriot Act I thought they were good things. However, like all things done or made for the betterment of “Man” and “Freedom” can in time be used to destroy Man and kill Freedoms. IMO, having DHS was to make it so that those intelligences agencies would share intel in a more cooperative manner so that they were all not bumping into each other like a room full of people in the dark. But, now we have the TSA and we all know what is coming with them. Side note, I don’t blame the people who fill those TSA jobs; I blame the people at the top who hand down the policies and procedures they have to carry out to keep their jobs. The Patriot Act was not meant to stay around this long, but yet you give them an inch and they will not only take a mile, but keep it for as long as they can. I just pray they don’t try to take our 2nd Amendment Right from us, because to me that is when SHTF will start happening.

  4. Thanks for a well done article on how this can happen. My son and a I watched the Rise and fall of the Third Reich on History a few months ago and I got a little scared from what we were seeing with our Government. Many of my far right christian friends thought I was out of my mind when I said in 2002 that the Patriot act was the beginning of the end for America and Pres Bush was setting the stage for the anti Christ or a new Hitler. This time it probably won’t be Jews and Gays but Patriots and Christians who are marched off to camps.

  5. I agree with most everything commented here, except ‘I don’t blame the people who fill those TSA jobs” – that fulfills the warning “that all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.” People of conscience, honesty and morals have an obligation to refuse to work for immoral and repressive companies, organizations or governments. It makes no difference if that is a building contractor who cheats the federal government, or an insurance company that refuses/delays payment to a customer so they can make more money, or a government agency treating everyone at the airport like a criminal. God never told His people “its ok to sin as long as you have a good reason to do so.”
    Otherwise, one day you may find yourself marching along in the ranks with all the other “good” citizens.

    • People of conscience, honesty and morals have an obligation to refuse to work for immoral and repressive companies, organizations or governments….

      Sure, and these same people have bills to pay and children to feed and just can’t do it by working at the Home Depot or MalWart for $9 an hour and no insurance…

  6. I agree with everything you said here. Those in power used our fear of the terrorists to make laws to suit their purposes and are going to continue to do so. We need to do our best to fight back, but I am certain that the plan is already in motion. I don’t know how we can fight back except as a country stand up and say no. With so many people dependent on the easy welfare system, that will be a very difficult task to accomplish.

    Excellent post! Thanks!

  7. I just finished reading Blockade: the Diary of an Austrian Middle Class Woman 1914-1924 (by Anna Eisenmenger). It’s amazing to read the struggles of basic survival when your country is collapsing and other countries won’t send aid or trade your way. Given the troubles the general population was feeling post WWI it isn’t surprising that tyrants were able to take over the countries, largely on the promise of a better tomorrow, and any tomorrow would look brighter than the reality of blockades preventing trade, the govt restricting access to food and fuel, and suddenly unemployed soldiers coming home defeated and disillusioned.

    • Hi Rudy–thanks for your article. Much to consider and plan for, indeed!

      Michelle–I’m interested in reading the book you cite in your comment. Is that the complete title? I’ve checked a couple of sites (Amazon and Alibri) and cannot find it.

      Thanks for this site and the comments!

  8. Michelle/Beth, I have also been looking for a copy of “Blockade” but cannot locate it anywhere outside of a few university libraries. If you have found a place where it can be purchased, I would be grateful if you could share so.

  9. just looking at a survey where 29% of public beleave a second revolution may be ahead, hope it does’t come to that a better idea is to break the country up into five pieces along ethnic lines, we could survive as 5 countrys no overall leader with working agreements something like old europe, it might work????