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The Crazy Train Rolls On

Well, as I sit down tonight to write the news is talking all bout how Romney is moving forward thanks to wins in the Michigan and Arizona primaries.

At this point, unless something crazy happens, he’ll be the nominee going up against Obama this fall. Sorry, Ron Paul guys … aint happening this year.

But see, the real question is whether it will even matter. If you read my article the other day, you know how I feel about it. I don’t think it will in any significant way.

Romney sure isn’t going to do anything to stop the train from hurdeling into the abyss.

Gas prices are skyrocketing. Locally, our prices have gone up about $0.25 in the last week. Where prices usually change once a week or so, they’ve been bumping up by $0.10 every couple days this week.

Even if you stopped driving, this will hurt you. Oil and gas prices directly impact the cost to deliver goods and food to your stores, thus impacting the prices. Get the picture yet?

Seen silver prices lately? Back up to $37 yesterday.

When there is rot and infection in your body, the longer you leave it to fester, the worse it gets.

In some cases, you may not even be able to tell it’s getting worse. Maybe you just don’t feel good.

But inside, it’s getting worse. The infection spreads through your body.

If you had dealt with it right away, the pain is minimal. Let it fester for a while, and maybe you need IV drugs or even a small surgical procedure.

Let it fester too long, and you’ll die.

Folks, there is a cancer in our system right now. The rot in this country grows worse by the day.

If we had dealt with it back in 2008, it would have hurt. But it wouldn’t kill us. If we dealt with it today, it would hurt alot more, but it still wouldn’t kill us.

Right now the Euro is collapsing faster than the dollar. If it goes, then money will flood to the dollar, bumping up the implied value of our currency.

It’ll look downright rosy.

But the cancer will still be there. Under the surface. Getting worse by the day.

Tell me folks, how do you think we’ll do when that cancer inevitably bubbles back to the surface?

Where will we be then?

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2 Responses to The Crazy Train Rolls On

  1. Rudy, have to totally agree with you on this. The crazy train is building up speed racing toward a cliff with a bridge that has always been there – but is not there anymore. The American public ONLY knows of a world in which Big Brother Bridge has always been there. They have no understanding of a railway without it.