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Dealing With Prepping Overload

There’s always too much to do.

There’s never enough time to do it.

And there’s always too much to learn.

And never enough time to learn it.

Every new prepper gets completely overwhelmed by the massive task of prepping for anything and everything.  Even seasoned preppers get hit by the overwhelm from time to time.

I’ve written a bit about this before, but let’s make things a bit more concrete.

The very first thing you should do when you realize that prepping is important is to take quick steps to build a basic foundation.

This means using the concepts in my three day plan book and building yourself a basic kit that includes food, water, and fuel for a couple weeks.

Yes, go beyond the three days.  You’ve already decided that you need to prep.  I guarantee you’ll feel MUCH better if you can go for two weeks than if you can go for three days.

That alone will reduce your stress levels and overload.

Once you have that done, or at least well under way, start building your own system.

These systems will be different from person to person, family to family, because they’re very oriented at your own situation and circumstances.

Put lists together that cover food, medical supplies, fuel and cooking supplies, and communications.  Don’t forget entertainment either.

Allocate a certain amount of money to prepping every week, paycheck, or month.

Then just start knocking stuff off the list.  100 lbs of rice one week.  $50 worth of medical gear the next.  And so on and so forth.  Make sure you’re working off multiple lists, don’t just get food until it’s done, water until that’s done, etc etc.  Use a balanced approach.

Make sure you’re crossing stuff off your list, and make sure it’s a REAL list, not just something in your head.  There’s something psychological that happens when you cross things off a physical list.  You really recognize the progress you make that way.

Did you forget something?  No worries, just add it to the list.

Occasionally prioritize the list.  Maybe once every few months.  Take into account changes in your thinking, your situation, your eating habits, whatever.

Take advantage of sales and be flexible.  Maybe you don’t want to buy rice one week because batteries are on sale.  Don’t sweat it, just change the plan a little.

Before you know it, you’ll be sitting with a pile of preps that will amaze you.

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7 Responses to Dealing With Prepping Overload

  1. I have a list but it’s lost among the boxes as we’ve recently moved. Excited to be at our farm but so disorganized as we had to pack and move much more quickly than anticipated. HUMM – maybe I need to do a new list? We also had to use some of our supplies for which I was very thankful we had. Now to replace them as we can.

  2. I’m a subscriber to your great blog. How do I get the Three Day Plan book? I’m enjoying your beginner friendly blog. Thanks for getting people like me started.

  3. Thank you for breaking things down. There is always something more to do. I work best with a deadline, but there is no way to know when the items will be needed … when we do know, it is too late!

    I’m doing what I can – picking up a couple sales items each grocery trip, learning to put food up. I’m taking the CERT training course now, which has been a great change in my inertia. My BOB is now ready (ish) – I’m sure there are items I will want to add later.