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Decisions, Decisions

So a few days ago I wrote about the decisions we’re facing, and I wanted to give you an update on that.

First though, my apologies for not writing much last week. We had the plague sweep through the house, and I didn’t get much sleep. Add to that, we had (still have) some house guests as well. All in all, not much time or energy for writing.

The big decision is made though. And I say “The” as if there’s only one … and there’s actually several.

Last week I gave notice at my job. I’ve decided to move to the new opportunity. Certainly not a decision made lightly, but one that I’m confident will end up being the better choice for us as a family.

But that still leaves a decision unmade. Where do we live moving forward? Right now our expenses are higher than I’d like them to be, especially now that our income will be going down.

We could simply do nothing. Stay where we’re at. We’re established here. But we don’t like the place all that much, there aren’t as many kids in our neighborhood as we’d like, and it’s expensive.

We could find another place in the same school district. We’d end up with something a bit smaller, but that’s not so bad. We’d be able to keep the kids in the school district, so they wouldn’t have to change schools. Also a good thing. But we’re still in the ‘burbs and we’re not sure that’s where we want to be.

We could find a place that’s still in Western Washington, but out a bit farther. That way we’re out of the suburbs and we can get a bit of land to work with as well. But we’d have to move the kids out of their schools, and that’s not a trivial thing especially for the kids that are in middle and high schools. Back to the good side, we’re not too far away from friends and current activities so while there would be some flux there, it wouldn’t be completely abrupt.

And of course, we could build a home on our land in Eastern Washington. On the surface, it looks like a good call, and quite a few of you suggested it. Plenty of room, a blank slate, it’s a good end-goal from a preparedness standpoint. But from a life style perspective, it’s a massive change.

The unknowns are huge. Uprooting the kids and moving them across the state is no trivial thing. They’ll be completely removed from their friends and activities. There’s big unknowns around the schools and culture which look good on the surface, but that can often be fleeting. And of course my wife and I … are we ready for a much more isolated lifestyle? Do we even know what that means?

Questions questions … decisions decisions … This ain’t easy, folks…

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4 Responses to Decisions, Decisions

  1. with the world being in the state it is- it is a hard decision to make- we were faced with something very similar a few years ago- we ended up living in a travel trailer and letting the kids finish high school- we had a married older son who stayed rent free in our house so that his brother and sister could finish school- it was important enough for us to do this as when my husband was younger his family moved him in the last year of high school and he never forgave them for that- however we only had to give up a year and you are looking to more than that- have you thought of renting then moving out to your property or are rents too high? you could maybe start building up your place and start living there on weekends to ease your way in to the isolated lifestyle? we went from a 3500 sq ft home to a horse trailer for a year and then a 1200 ft house- divided into two sections- one is 700 the part we live in with guest quarters of 500 ft. we also used to live minutes away from a wal mart and grocery store to at least 25 minutes to the grocery store- we are hoping to move further out though in the next year. with online shopping it is not too hard to live in the country but we only have a PO Box and have most of our stuff delivered to our office but soon we will be working completely from home to i dont know what i will do then.
    we got used to living out in the country while in the trailer-we had to haul water and use our generator so we had an inkling of the change-
    you have a lot of choices- i would make sure everyone in the family knows this and discuss it but of course you and your wife will have to make the final decision- i wish you the best- it may be a two part decision- that is what my son is doing right now- they are living in a rent house for 5-10 years then moving to the country- they have young children too so things may change for them too

  2. Rudy, just a suggestion…My wife and I have raised 6 children, and trained Teens, (3 of whom we “adopted” — they moved into our house, to become part of our “TEAM” in Christian Mission Training). Out of these experiences, & lessons learned, we came to realize that we, as parents, HAD to place the CHILDREN as our PRIMARY focus, and their security, & happiness, as your PRIMARY reasoning influence. That done, the rest pretty well falls into shape quickly. I’d bet they’ll appreciate you NOT removing them, but, (depending upon their age), asking their opinion, and heeding their responses, build “TEAM WORK”. hope this helps.

  3. Lemme put on my advice lady hat for a minute. If it was me, I would find a transition between where you are and where you want to go because your kids would indeed suffer if you uprooted them from a familiar school and friends and plopped them down in the middle of wherever half a state away from friends and familiar circumstances. Even moving between school years is difficult. Wait until that’s not an issue. Find someplace cheaper and keep the kids in as stable a situation as you can.

  4. Hello Rudy,
    We are presently homeschooling our son via the computer, after years in public school. He has moved numerous times in his life. Anyone who meets him, finds he is bright, helpful and kind. Don’t get me wrong, he is still a typical teenager, but we believe, that all of the moves and different groups of people he has met, has helped him to know how to get along in this world. Children, or anyone for that matter will need to learn how to face different circumstances in their lives, and the sooner the better, especially in the present world we live in.