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Delusions and Deceptions

If you listen to the national media you will consistently hear that the outlook for the future is rosy!  You should probably invest in a good pair of shades!

Employment is recovering. Washington DC is getting serious about cutting spending. Inflation isn’t happening.

We believe them, right?

Maybe not.

Unemployment Is Far Far Worse Than They Tell You

The official unemployment rate is 9% according to the Federal Government. What they don’t tell you is that they count this by determining who is pulling unemployment insurance benefits.

If you look at the total unemployment rates that includes people who have dropped off the UI rolls (U-6), and are still looking for work is a little different. Try 17.3%.

But hey, unemployment is down, right?

The Feds say we added 36,000 new jobs in January. But on average 150,000 people enter the workforce every month. Tell me how that math works out? Using my old fashioned math skills, that tells me that if every one of those jobs went to a newly minted worker, we still have 114,000 new workers looking for a job. And unemployment went down?

Oh yeah … they’re new workers so they don’t count yet.

But hey, we can just look at the number of people that are employed overall. Well, those numbers don’t look any better. There are 1,560,000 more people that are unemployed in January. But unemployment is down, right?

What a bunch of crap. Don’t believe a word these people spout. They are INTENTIONALLY deceiving you. Don’t fall for it.

The Politicians Are Not Serious About Fiscal Sanity

Obama released an interesting fairy tale budget proposal recently. He claims that it includes steep cuts to the budget and that we would be deficit free by 2015.

Sorry, chief. If you look at the budget itself, instead of listening to the drivel that he spouted, you can easily see that the lowest deficit he predicts is still over $600 BILLION. Sure, that’s half of the deficit we ran last year of $1.6 TRILLION.

Does he do this by cutting spending? Hell no. He does this by projecting awfully rosy revenue numbers. Somehow we are supposed to increase revenues to the government by about 65% by 2015.

We’ve seen this three times in the last sixty years. And each time that we saw revenue to the government grow by similar rates, it came along with 10-15% (official!) annual inflation rates.

But hey, Obama said that he only expects 2% inflation at most. No worries, right?

Must be economic growth then, I guess. Nope, not that either. The budget calls for GDP growth of less than 5% each year.

Hope you like your new higher taxes!

The Republicans Will Save Us!

Sorry, this isn’t going to happen either. They’ve recently proposed some substantial cuts to the budget. They want to cut about $74 Billion from the budget. Good idea, right?

Sure, until you realize that it’s about 2% of overall spending.

We currently run a deficit of $1,171 Billion. This doesn’t even make a DENT.

Look … the numbers are pretty simple. You can cut EVERYTHING out of the federal budget except for entitlement programs and paying interest on the debt.

EVERYTHING! Including everyone’s favorite whipping boy, the Department of Defense.

You do that and you have about $370 Billion dollars left to spend.

Read that again. And then tell me that we’ll get out of this mess without taking a chainsaw to the entitlement programs in this country.

You can’t do it. It’s not possible.

And nobody in Washington has the guts to do anything about it. They fiddle while the country burns.

got preps?

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2 Responses to Delusions and Deceptions

  1. Absolutely right on the money. There seems to be a disconnect between reality and fantasy for not only the average folk but the politicians. The latest I’ve heard about a possible government shut down is Boehner’s two week plan with cuts vs. Reid’s 30 day plan with no cuts. Until a serious strategy is implemented to help resolve this country’s overwhelming debt crisis, food and energy costs and our presence internationally then expect things to rapidly devolve.

    Do the research and don’t rely on main stream media or any particular talking head.