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Democracy Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Let’s talk about a town.  Call it Anytown, USA.

You live in Anytown with your family, and you know most of the folks in town.  There’s about 4,000 citizens in town.

Now lets say you have a nice house with a nice yard.  You’re pretty busy though, and sometimes you neglect your lawn to the point where the grass is knee high.

This annoys your local neighborhood busybody to no end.  This guy is out clipping his lawn every day, making sure it’s perfect, and seeing your knee high grass drives him nuts.  So he decides to do something about it.

Anytown is a place that believes in the concepts of democracy, so any citizen can get a ballot measure put in place to enact a new ordinance.  Just need to get 100 folks to sign a petition and the measure goes on the ballot next fall.

Mr Busybody does just that.  Gets a hundred folks to sign a petition for a new ordinance that provides for a $500 fine for every day that someone’s lawn is higher than six inches.

Lo and behold, the measure passes and the law goes into effect.  And so now you have one more thing to worry about, lest you get fined.

Now clearly nobody in their right mind can say that your lawn being too high is an infringement upon their rights.  And therefore that law is repugnant.  In it’s own small way it’s tyrannical.

Basically, 2,001 of your neighbors have decided to force you, using the power of the towns government, to bend to their will.

Doesn’t sound like freedom to me.  But it’s a great example of democracy.

Here’s another one.  The guy running against the current mayor is promising to buy every child in town a pony if he’s elected.  Not only that, but every woman in town will get flowers every week for free for the next year.

All you have to do is elect him.  Oh, how will he be paying for it?  Every man who is left handed will have to pay 20% of his income to the city to cover the bill.

Of course every woman votes for the guy, and every right handed father is badgered by his kids who want a pony.  So he’s elected in a landslide.

And now you, as a left handed man, get to pay.  Because your neighbors decided it should be like that.

Is this example absurd?  Yes, intentionally so.

But it’s an example of democracy.  And it’s a great example why a pure democracy is a horrible idea.

The old adage is completely true … a democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

The idea is an alluring one.  It’s fair, right?  One man, one vote.

Except that no man can infringe upon another mans natural rights.  No matter how many people vote for it.

It doesn’t matter what “the will of the people” is.

It doesn’t matter what “the greater good” is.

It doesn’t matter what “the fair thing” is.

Any law that infringes upon your innate rights as a human, granted by God, is no law at all.

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One Response to Democracy Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

  1. Well spoken and why we are a Republic and not a democracy but our rights as a Republic have slowly been erroded under the guise that it’s the democratic thing to do. States no longer have any rights without the Feds (Congress, President and Supreme Court) allow them to.