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The Depravity of Humans Knows No Bounds

Warning: This post ended up getting a bit dark. If you don’t like reading stuff that’s rather dour, come back tomorrow…

Lately I’ve heard some rather disturbing stuff.

Things that I don’t want to believe can ever happen here.

I thought that we’d learned from our experiences in World War 2 with the Japanese American internships.

I’m very afraid we haven’t.

At some point, the pictures we see, the eyewitness accounts we hear, and the stories out of the alternative news sites about what folks may be planning becomes harder to ignore.

I’ve heard things over the last week or two that make me think that maybe those stories aren’t all that off the mark.

Eyewitness things. From people I trust.

And today I had a conversation with one of my daughters about the violence that goes on in Mexico, and how it’s not safe. And I remember the pictures from the drug wars that I’ve seen.

Decapitated and mutilated bodies. Sheer animal violence.

And I’m reminded of the utter depravity that we humans can descend to. Worse than animals, I think.

All in the name of power. And money.

Are you ready to deal with that when it comes to your door?

I’m not.

There’s so much to do.

And I wonder every day if today is that day.

I know some of you will say that you’re going to put your faith in God and he’ll see you through.

That’s what Dietrich Bonhoeffer thought, and it didn’t stop the SS from hanging him with a wire noose.

That’s what the Jews thought as they were herded into cattle cars.

That’s what Roman Christians thought as they were thrown to the lions.

I don’t want to find out for myself as the front door is getting kicked in. Do you?

We still have choices. They dwindle by the day, but we still have choices.

Time to get off the ‘X’ folks … Before the chaos starts.

While you still can.

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12 Responses to The Depravity of Humans Knows No Bounds

  1. The government is now flying drones on US soil? Is this supported by the Republican Congress? Bin Lidan crippled this country after 9/11 with the government wire tapping US citizens, reading their emails, spying on us, its sad but true.

  2. Dinah, Bin Laden didn’t cripple the US. Our government did. I firmly believe, along with millions of others, that 9/11 could not have happened without our gov’ts complicity. Whether or not it was under the auspices of the NWO agenda or not I don’t know but it’s certainly opened the door to effecting the changes they want. Loss of privacy, loss of freedom, restriction of travel, increased police presence in our lives, new laws supposedly to “protect” us that only deprive us of our rights, invading countries “to (supposedly)rout out terrorists”. All in the name of protecting us from terrorist and avenging the 9/11 deaths. Now they have armed drones flying over us to further “protect” us. They’re trying to take control of the internet “for our own good” they have monitoring software and cameras in most of our new electronics so they can listen and watch you in and out of your home.

    Believe me, the world group who dreamed up THE NEW WORLD ORDER would think nothing of killing 3,000+ people in the Twin Towers to further their agenda. They’d make sure none of their people were there at the time because the rest of us are not only expendable but scheduled for extinction by them by one means or another.

  3. It was only yesterday that I was gleaning this same type of info from Joel Rosenbergs blog post. It focused on three different stories of cannibalism…yes, really. My 7 year old son does not undestand why he cannot lose sight of me in a store and therre is a fine line between scarigthe crap out of him and gently making him aware that there are no do overs in the magnitude of losing a child. This particular season that we are in is oeof awareness on stearoids. The fields Are good harvests this year…and the Pitch in our hearts reverberates that a different time is quickly coming and we are to get ready. Not to just look ready and be awake, but to make sure there also oil in our lamps both physically and spiritually. There has always been a history of richness beofre a great fall and this time will be no different. This is our beautiful warning season…rather than relaxing in the sun, we should be understanding that the great harvest into the winepress is not far off. God warned over and over in the old testament through the voices of regular folks that famines and hard times were coming…and He finishes the new testament with the greatest warnings of all…that Real Hard times we could not imagine were coming…not to be scary here, but the answers are in the Book. No we we never instructed to sit around and let God miraculously intervene particularly if we have done nothing to train to be a warrior. We put on our armor from Ephesians 6 and wheall else is done, we are to stand. That is when God is rising up behind us. Keep to the truth, and know what the truth is…because on top of the lower levels in depravity that crawl downward daily, the voice of the false teachings get more confusing. Know your creator in your heart, because if we get lost in who is leading us and teaching us…we fall and fail. Then no preparing can keep us from what comes. Being decieved will be our own fault, and even the “elect” will succomb to the great deception. Wow, i have come a long way since my liberal college lets all be free and have rights days. My mother would probably fall over if she could see this. In all truthfulness, know the truth. That is where our real freedom lies. The bible should be your only litmus test for prophecy and the word of God. Our battle is ragng overhead, and will be played out through the hearts of men. This is why Jesus warns continually, guard your heart….and then put on the breastplate of rightesousness:) we can’t stop physically what is coming, but we can rise up victorious on the other side where eternity is a mighty long time. I’m just saying…

    • And I totally apologize for the many typos..I am typing on flat glass now with an ipad and it leaves a bit to be desired in the autocorrect department. Ok, maybe a lot in that department….

  4. All I know is that I have seen a huge breakdown in just our extended family as well as the country at large in recent months. I am aware of the warnings of the scriptures but where are the people that know them also?
    We have no active Billy Graham and the likes of Falwell telling it like it is today. Very few well known figures like Glenn Beck speaks out and then silent or nearly so. I think Beck is still on target
    Men and women of letters are very quiet and that is a worry for who will fill the void?
    I believe with all my heart that evil will be plain as we see the results of the AG who is satan like in his lies,and what is next to play out. Satan= the great deceiver several to choose from now for so many qualify.
    This is NOT political but common sense from years of training in the scriptures, where we were told what to look for and what we will see. A previous comment points to the beginning of our real troulbles.
    If you ever wondered what the good book means where it speaks of how a person will become ,”dumb, as a sheep before the shearer” I have news for you LOOK AROUND AT THE COUNTRY and your neighborhoods.
    Read a local paper and you will see what is coming at a home near yours.

  5. I would like to think that the cultural upbringing I had would keep me from turning into something, like those we see south of the border. However, if one looks at the sort of things some gangs, whether inner city or motorcycle during illiegal activity, have been know to do in the past 30 – 40 years here in the US to their neighbor or fellow man, it makes one wonder. I wonder what would take me over the edge in a lawless society, with no accountability to anyone. Would the hanus crime against my child cause me to be an unemotional thug who does not care who or how he kills people either for justice or pleasure??? What kind of person do you think you would become to keep power over others or to seek street justice???

  6. I’m so scared. How am I ever going to defend my child? What do I do? Where do I go. I thank God for my husband but what if we can’t do it?

  7. Read the book “The Great Controversy” by E.G.White….it tells you exactly what is going on, why, and how God foretold us to prepare for the end times….stressing to the multitudes to flee to the mountains, or seek alternate
    isolated places just before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  8. Exactly. Humans and those in charge will and can go to any extent to justify what they want to do to have what you have. Or to stop you from being different from them. They are just getting worse and worse. Faith is a great thing, but we are also given the abilities, the knowledge, and the power to take care of ourselves. Time to step up the game, sharpen those skills, learn new skills, and keep prepping.

  9. We have had to put down a mexican uprising before. the border states may have to do it again without the federal government. Read the letter’s of our founding father’s before the Declaration of Independence. They almost didn’t pull it off because each state was worried that they wouldn’t be able to govern their own affairs independent of the federal governmnet/