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Disaster Strikes?

I had an interesting phone call on Monday morning with my new boss.

Turns out the company can’t afford to pay me right now.  And they couldn’t afford to pay several other folks.

The economic doldrums struck a couple months worth of revenue and caused a cash flow crunch.  Things are on their way to being back on track, but that doesn’t pay the bills … or the paychecks.

I guess I’m somewhat lucky … they’re committed to keeping me, so they didn’t completely fire me like they did the other folks.  They just can’t pay me.

Joy.  They’re trying to figure out a way to subcontract me (I have specialized skills) to some other local companies for a couple months until the cash flow issues are resolved.

They’re also putting out the word to folks they know that I’m available and while they really want me back, if that doesn’t happen, that’s life…In 24 hours there have been a dozen calls from folks wanting to bring me in.  So prospects are good…

But needless to say, I’m pretty busy this week and posting will be light.

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9 Responses to Disaster Strikes?

  1. Been there. My husband was laid off TWICE in one year back in 2001. You do what you’ve got to do to hang on, and trust God to provide what you need. It’s good to hear that you’ve got job skills that make you especially attractive to employers. That helps a lot! I’ll be praying for God’s provision for you all.

  2. Unfortunately, this is simply a PREview of coming disasters…NOT attractions…While I consider C.J. Roberts a slutty turn coat lackey of a vile control mechanism, none-the-less, he’s given us an ULTIMATUM! It’s either throw’em ALL out, or pay the price for our own lack of gumption & conviction!

    USE YOUR VOTE to FORCE B.O., (da stink’a uh D.C.), out into the open, and MAKE him declare Martial law! THEN, at LEAST, we’ll KNOW FOR CERTAIN the who, (& who ain’t), what, (& what ain’t), where (& where not), & when (& when not!), of all this manipulation! It’ll DEFINITELY get us heading in the right direction! AWAY from the D.C. Mob!

  3. Hang in there, Rudy. I know that this news must make you question the choice to leave your previous employer, but remain firm in the fact that you are following your core values, that you have your families support (and the readers of this blog!) and that your skills will sell themselves.

    You’ve already begun creating multiple streams of income which should be a priority for all of us. Of course, there’s always consulting too which picks up whenever the economy stumbles. Network, and have faith.

    And, thanks for what you do!

    • Nah … leaving my old job was the right thing to do, and this changes nothing about that…

    • The thought had occurred to us … but we have the logistical problem of building a home to live in … there’s not enough time to do that before the school year starts, and probably not before the weather turns.

      And of course the whole money part :)