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The Dominoes Begin To Fall…

So I’ve talked many times before about the ramifications of the choices that our government and financiers are making.

We’re seeing some of those consequences begin to play out more rapidly in Europe.

Plainly put, they’re screwed.

Government officials throughout Europe are talking openly to the press about forcing Greece out of the EU and the Euro zone. This would force them to revert to the Drachma or adopt a new currency.

From what I’ve read, this would mean inflation of about 40% pretty much overnight. Basically, your assets are worth half what they were the night before.

The results of this talk is pretty predictable. Over the last couple days Greek people have withdrawn over a billion Euros from various Greek banks. Can you say Bank Run?

And today the European Central Bank said they’re not going to give any more money to a bunch of said Greek banks. Think they’ll last?

So now you’ve got a bunch of folks with Euros stuffed into their mattresses, waiting for Greece to be kicked out of the Euro Zone.

Remember what Ferfal said about Argentina? When the massive devaluation happened, Argentinians who had Dollars were fine. For a while. Sound a bit familiar?

Once again, history repeats itself…

Think this is limited to Greece? Think again. This cascades to Spain, Portugal, France, and more. Somewhere along the line Germany decides that enough is enough and leaves the EU before their citizens revolt. And rightfully so, since they won’t want to keep picking up the tab for all these soveriegn debt issues.

First Europe goes. I’m guessing this will actually give us a little boost here, as money flees Europe and the US Dollar becomes stronger. But math will catch up with us, and down will go this domino we call home. When? Don’t know. Inevitable? No, but almost.

Be ready. Time is short, and is getting shorter. Make sure you have what you need, and make darn sure you have assets outside the dollar. Metals or other, reasonably stable currencies.

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2 Responses to The Dominoes Begin To Fall…

  1. Hi Rudy! Really enjoy your posts, and Articles…Jon Mosbey’s latest was worth “copy/paste”ing for posterity & to pass on to my list! Also, added his URL to my collection. THANKS!

    I want to mention something that I feel is being overlooked, and, is a SERIOUS LIKELIHOOD. And also, deals with proper preps. I’m speaking the MGO/Transhumanist Genetic alterations that are creeping steadily along, encroaching on our Social integrity and Ethical standards. And, as well, I feel quite strongly that the Spiritual sphere and influences are equally as significant as the physical factors. while I am a TOTALLY committed REALIST, I have known, and experienced, for over 40+ yrs., (I’m 66 at present), the amazingly powerful REALITIES of SPIRITUAL POWER. BOTH light & dark powers! And, (having spent upwards to 12 yrs. in south America, as a Non-Denominational Missionary & disciple trainer, I can attest to the importance of maintaining BOTH a PHYSICAL PREPAREDNESS, AND a SPIRITUAL PRE-paredness.

    But, at this point I must clarify that, (when I speak of SPIRITUAL PRE-paredness), I’m NOT simply referring to “prayer & thankfulness”…or…regular Church attendance, or faithful tithing, and fellowshiping.

    None of these, of course, are bad or unnecessary, but, they are actually secondary to the deepest and MOST SIGNIFICANT SPIRITUAL PREPS that we will NEED to have thoroughly established, when the REAL WAR & CHAOS breaks through the veil!

    What I refer to is: a PERSONAL, CLOSE & moment to moment relationship with Jesus Christ, and a STRONG & well established HABIT of calling on, turning to, and depending upon the counsel and influence, guidance and wisdom provided by the Holy Spirit.

    I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE YOU that, without this habit FULLY developed as a minute to minute COMMS with the Lord & His Spirit, ALL…(or at least MOST), of your other preps are going to fall short of the mark, and fail to provide you with the protection and assistance you’d planed on…because, ONLY JESUS KNOWS, and ONLY HIS SPIRIT will rightly lead you to the RIGHT decisions, choices, and reasoning, at BOTH the initial planing stages, as well as in the grip of chaos & emergency impacts.

    He has called ALL those who KNOW Him, “friends”…we should take Him at His word, and lean on His council HEAVILY, as the forces we WILL encounter & MUST, eventually combat, are NOT LIMITED to flesh & blood! “We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, against POWERS, against the RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES” [Ephesians 6:12].

    Jesus has given us HIS WARRIORS FIELD MANUAL, we should study & memorize it, as faithfully as Col. David “hack” Hackworth, (the ONLY 5 times ‘field commissioned’ Officer in the History of the U S Army), did his FIELD MANUAL, and thus became America’s PREMIER physical Warrior!


    • Good find…

      Would you be so kind as to post a link to the original as well? It’s the polite thing to do :)