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What On Earth Is Wrong With These Raspberries?

So we have the most bizarre problem, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m normally pretty good about finding stuff on the Internet or in a Library, but for the life of me I can’t find any answers on this one.

As I’ve mentioned before, we like to get berries from local farms around this time of year and process them into various states…but usually frozen.

And here lies the problem. Last year all of our frozen raspberries turned very tart when we froze them. Sweet and delicious when fresh. Incredibly tart, almost inedibly so, when frozen.

Store bought frozen raspberries dont have this problem, and none of our other fruit did, so I figured maybe we did something wrong.

Well, fast forward to this year and we have the same problem. Yummy raspberries before freezing turn into tart berries after freezing.

What the heck is going on here, anyone know?

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5 Responses to What On Earth Is Wrong With These Raspberries?

  1. I never have this problem with our berries turning bitter. Maybe it is the way you are freezing them. They may be getting freezer burn or picking up the smell/taste of something else in the freezer (maybe you are freezing onions)??? I bring our berries inside -pick over them and destem if needed – (never wash them) – put them onto cookie sheets and flash freeze them. I allow them to freeze overnight then put them into Food Saver Bags and suck all the air out. They don’t crush because they are already frozen. Then when I need them they are fresh and sweet as the day we picked them. Also it may just be the type of berry you are growing. Sorry I can’t be more helpful; but saying that we had a lousy berry growing season this year. Too hot too fast and now so moist you can’t take a breath without water dripping out your nose!!!!!!
    If you want to keep your fruit “happy” and make yourself happy make a Rumtopf (rum pot). Everyone loves to come over at Christmas and partake of our Rumptopf because we grow all the fruit that goes into it (okay or buy some if necessary). Sure does keep a smile on all our faces!!!!

    • We process them the same way you do. At this point I’m guessing that it may be the type of berry … we got them from the same farm. I think we’ll have to try picking some up from another farm and see how that works out.

  2. I’ve had this problem with Peaches getting sour and Tomatoes getting acidic. I learned recently that before I freeze them I need to blanch them to halt the chemical reaction that causes this since it continues even when frozen. But I doubt that can be done to berries.

    I’m having a hard year with my blackberries. The bushes are laden with them and they look fabulous but are SO tart that only the birds seem to be enjoying them. I’m hoping that they’re good as preserves!

  3. I am not sure about the raspberries as we have never had the problem with any of our fruit but I do know that if some vegetables, lettuces in particular are not given enough water at the correct times while they are growing they can be very bitter.

    I believe that you are in a drought situation at the present time so the issue of watering at critical times during the growing season may have something to do with the taste.

    • Western Washington has had plenty of rain, so I don’t know that drought is an issue.

      Since both years the berries came from the same farm, I’m wondering if it’s not related to the variety they grow or something about how they treat the plants.

      We’re going to try picking up some berries from another farm and see if that’s the issue.