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Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Something that’s often overlooked by folks getting themselves prepared for life’s ups and downs is making sure to store stuff for their pets.

The concepts are similar to prepping for people, but there’s a few key differences (obviously…)

Food Storage For Pets

The basics here are pretty similar to figuring out what to store for yourself. Figure out how much food your pet eats, figure out how much you want to store. Do a little math. And buy!

For some animals you can grow food, which is fantastic. In that case, store seeds or plant appropriately ahead of time.

For others, you can augment with kitchen scraps, small animals (squirrels, etc), or even by letting them roam.

Bottom line, know what they eat, and how you can store more of it, and how you can augment that stored food.

Water Storage For Pets

Simply take your regular calculations and add plenty of drinking water for your pets as well. The actual amount will vary, but take what they normally drink in a day and add some extra as a buffer … pets drink out of strange places sometimes, which can throw your numbers off.


Something unique to pets (well, unless your kids behave like mine sometimes do…) is needing restraints. Maybe a crate, probably a leash or chain or something to make sure you don’t lose your animal.

You probably have that stuff lying around anyways, but just in case, you may want to pick up some extras. Leashes break. Crates break.


You can get vet medications over the counter or on the internet in some cases, or you might be able to get your vet to set you up.

In any case, make sure you have any regular medications covered and add in extra antibiotics and whatnot. I’m definitely not an expert on animal meds, but I’ll see if I can find someone that can add a bit more information here.


Some animals (like indoor cats) have specific sanitation needs. Without going into gory detail here, make sure you have those covered too. The good news here is that this stuff can be cheap … don’t spring for the super cool and super expensive kitty litter for emergency storage. The basic generic stuff will do just fine.

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2 Responses to Emergency Preparedness for Pets

  1. Hi Rudy,

    Thanks for sharing the info about preparing for our pets. I found a couple of good websites that might be helpful for your readers re storing pet food for dogs and cats over longer periods of time. The first website I’ve included is a free PDF download from the American Veterinary Medicine Association:

    For dogs:

    For cats:

    Thanks again, Rudy. You’re doing a great job and providing a wonderful service to us all!