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Are We Experiencing Another Run On Guns?

Well, this whole podcasting thing is going to be the bane of my existance, I can tell. I’ll figure it out this weekend, because I didn’t have the time to do it today.

Instead, a different topic!

Did you see the news articles earlier this week about the massive upswing in gun sales at the end of the year? It’s interesting to see, and while it is pretty easy to blame it on the holidays, I think there are a few other things in play here.

First, I think that people continue to be unsettled about what’s going on in society, the overall unrest in the world, and the continuing uncertainty of the next couple of years.

Lately I’ve been talking to quite a few folks that are buying their first gun. They see things in the news and around them that are unsettling and even people who were hesitant to have firearms around are reaching for the sense of security that they get from their new purchase.

Second, I think that we’re going to see another ‘Obama Effect’ like we saw four years ago with gun and ammo prices going through the roof as folks buy up what they want or need, or in some cases even just pick up stuff ‘just in case’ … and the number of gun owners that are going out to get ‘just one more gun’ seems to be going up as well.

I do think that if you’re going to be buying anything firearms related this year, keep an eye on things, and if you see good deals, jump on them. Earlier in the year would be better. God only knows what prices and availability will be like as we get closer to the election and the oh so scary 2012 Mayan Apocalypse…

Finally, no matter how much training you’ve had … go get more this year. Take a good defensive class, or a tactical class if you’ve already been through a bunch of them. Most regions have good training facilities, for example my favorite here in the Seattle area is Insights.

There’s no substitute for having solid training. Do it!

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2 Responses to Are We Experiencing Another Run On Guns?

  1. I agree with your observation. I’m one of those who have never before been interested or concerned, but who is now prepping and learning how to hunt & gather.
    I think this is a good time to look at two important issues related to this trend:
    #1 Will increased sales and overall preparedness make officials take more notice of general uncertainty or will the good ship America continue to sail obliviously toward the brink.
    #2 If the market principles that many hold to be so effective are true: then the supply of guns, ammo, etc. will increase and the cost will decrease in 2012 – just as the cost of electronics has dropped in the last 2 years. The manufacturers of all those items should be increasing production and hiring more people as they meet the increased demand. New companies should be appearing to meet the increased demand. I have seen a lot of new technology hitting the markets; just as with electronics, the prices of arms should begin to decline as the production ramps up. Otherwise, we’re just seeing good old American greed taking advantage of the situation once again, and no political philospohy is worth supporting.

  2. we just went to a monthly gun show- not a big one and it was so very crowded and people were buying stuff- these were not lookers- we went to buy us a gun too- we have finally decided what we want and what we are going to concentrate on. i also went to an Academy to see if they had ammo- i have been hearing ammo is running short- so far the ones around here are not but husband and i have decided to start making buying ammo an important part of prepping this year.
    side note- we took two guns to trade or sell and hubby was approached so many times when we first entered we got separated several times.
    it did seem that ammo was priced well at the shows if you discounted shipping from the websites and you can pay cash and remain anonymous