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Keep Your Eye On The Man Behind The Curtain

spinning-menMany virtual trees have been made into virtual paper over the last month or so regarding the possibility of a new and comprehensive gun control push.

Indeed, a push of some sort has shown up.  The usual suspects jump in front of the usual cameras saying the usual lies.  The usual media folks spin and manipulate the truth in an attempt to make the American public believe something that is factually wrong.

But like I said … much has been written about this and I’m not going to write more.  At least not about gun control itself.

No, what I want to talk about today is something a little more sinister than that.  The possibility that this is all yet another massive manipulation by our self styled masters and betters.

And I think it’s working.

See, there’s a whole heck of alot going on right now.  And quite a bit of it is just plain bad.

Our economy continues to crater.  And they’re starting to have problems fudging all of the numbers all of the time.

The so called “debt ceiling crisis” looms again.  But nobody’s talking about making any changes that might help.  So the bond rating agencies have told us that we’ll be downgraded if we don’t take it seriously.

Which is exactly what happened last time.  We didn’t take it seriously, and we got downgraded.

The administration has said that they can kill anyone in the name of ‘Homeland Security’ … or just snatch them off the street and throw them in a hole, never to be heard from again.  Due process?  Constitutional rights?  All ignored.

Europe continues to have major problems, both economically and socially.  Spain is now almost as bad a mess as Greece is.

Japan has hit the debt wall.  They can’t buy anymore of their own debt and they don’t know what to do about it.

China has begun pulling back a bit, and are focusing inside their borders.  They’re stockpiling metals, precious and otherwise, food, and just about anything they can get their hands on.

And oh by the way, did you know that they’re starting to get awfully close to a shooting war with Japan over a couple rocks in the ocean?

Overall, things are pretty crappy.  And the powers that be don’t want you focused on that.  They don’t want you to remember just how bad things are getting for your neighbors, even if you might be ok.  Or maybe they’re getting bad for you too…

So they go back to the old standby.  Drive a wedge between neighbors, between families, and between friends.  Focus the ‘regular people’ on each other and they won’t notice what we’re doing over here behind the curtain.

It’s not political season anymore so they can’t use the false Right vs Left, GOP vs Democrats dichotomy.  Nobody cares right now.

So they manufacture a crisis.  Starting a national “conversation” about gun control is a sure fire way to get folks fired up and angry.

But not angry about them.  Sure, they have to trot out the Schumers and Feinsteins to act as anger magnets, but that’s no big deal.  They’re in safe states and in no danger of losing a seat.

And who cares if they actually get anything passed.  Because that’s not the point.  It’s a feint, it’s a distraction.

If they happen to get something through that restricts, however unconstitutional that may be, our natural rights so much the better.

But the real goal is to keep us busy while they can keep those plates spinning.

Just a while longer.

Until they’re ready.

Then the plates drop…

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