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A Family Tradition Dies…

So we’ve reached an official milestone. Our kids don’t like to go to the You-Pick berry farms anymore.

This is problematic because while they’ve had fun with it in the past, I’ve liked the fact that it’s WAY cheaper than buying berries at the store. Like 25% of the cost.

Now, the conundrum. We want the berries. This year we’ll have no production of our own, and we go through quite a few berries in general. Like anywhere from 5-10 lbs a month.

So the goal was to stock up on as much of a years supply as possible.

But the kids don’t want to go. Not just a little bit not want to go, but definitely don’t want to go.

Option B, though, is to go and get the pre-picked flats that the farm sells. A bit more expensive, but stil cheaper than the store. They have retail locations all around the area, much closer than their farm.

If the kids were still interested, then we’d absolutely head out there. But instead, we’ll save on gas, and save on kid frustration and boredom.

Overall, it’s a bit of a bummer that the fun activity isn’t much fun anymore. Guess the kids are growing up.

On a side note, I’ve heard that folks glaze strawberries with water to freeze them … it’s supposed to help them store longer … anyone know anything about that?

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4 Responses to A Family Tradition Dies…

  1. I guess I have been glazing all along and didn’t know it. When we put berries in the freezer we wash them, stem them and place each individual strawberry on a freezer sheet (silpat sheet down first). Then when they are frozen we food saver them. We take out as many as we need each day and it works great. They never stick together.

    I think your children sound like children. They know they can say “no” once in awhile and that you will listen to them. Good job, Rudy and wife.

  2. Tell the kids if they don’t pick the berries then they won’t be eating berries. I dry blueberries, raspberries, and other. Strawberries I can with sugar. The usual jams and jellies. I don’t rely on the freezer for anything because of the electricity. Here’s a link to a solar dehydrator. One of the better designs I’ve seen in quite some time.

  3. I have to go with Dinah on this one…especially since the cost is so much less. Kids, if you want berries, you’re gonna help pick them :)


  4. I don’t know… I can see a tradion that dies because the kids have grown up and that tradion was say going to the annual kiddie fun time at the park. This to me seems like they don’t see it as fun, but work and they don’t want to go do the work. My son and I went through this when we first started cutting wood to help heat the home in the winter. At first he was all gung ho and enjoyed woodcutting. Two years later he rather stay home. Even when I offered to pay him he rather stay home. I had to tell him I needed his help and that I could not do it alone and for safety I should not do it alone. I had to change it to he had to come help for the necessity of the family. Maybe this has to end at being a fun family tradion (which it should be no matter the age) and be turned into an annual necessary thing for survival. I am sure there is something on the way to this place or something you can do on the way back to make it more enjoyable for them. Good Luck!