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Financial Disclosure

So a lawyer friend of mine tells me that if I’m going to blog on the Internet, I need to have a disclosure page or the FTC will get cranky. So here it is.

Everything I write belongs to me unless otherwise noted.

External pages that I link to generally have no affiliation or relationship to me. And I have zero responsibility for what is written there.

I occasionally get free sample products from people that want an unbiased review for their product. Wherever possible I will give away that sample to you, my readers. Sometimes that’s not possible so I may occasionally keep them. I’ll always let you know in the review if I got a free review sample.

Links to Amazon and other places to buy stuff may be something called an affiliate link. This means that if you click on a link and buy something, I get a small commission. This commission comes out of the vendors profit margin and does not affect the price that you pay.  So there’s no downside to you at all.  It is good for me because it helps offset my hosting bills for the blog. If you don’t buy, it’s ok too. I’m not offended!

I’m generally very careful about what I recommend to you, my reader. Occasionally I may recommend something that I haven’t personally tried. When that happens, I’ll generally let you know that this is based on a recommendation as opposed to my personal experience.

I don’t do paid posts.

If you ever have any question about this disclosure, or anything related to it, please send me an email: rudy (AT) preparingyourfamily (DOT) com

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