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How To Find Parts For Wind Turbines And Solar Panels

A couple of you have asked recently where to find some of the parts needed to build an alternative energy system, in particular some of the hard to find items for wind turbines.

Today I want to tell you where I found most of the stuff I used when building them.

Motors For Wind Turbines

The best place for getting motors (especially Ametek motors) was ebay. They’re still available there (like from this guy) but they’re a bit more expensive than they used to be.

Nowadays, you might see if you can pick up a broken (or well used) treadmill on your local Craigslist site. They usually don’t go for too much and while sometimes they won’t work, most of the time you get a pretty good one for little cost.

EBay is also a great source for solar cells for building your own solar panels.

Buying Batteries

No super dark secret here. Deep cycle batteries, especially marine batteries, are great. You can often find golf cart batteries relatively inexpensively.

I’ve also heard of some folks using batteries from fork lifts, but I don’t really have any personal experience with that.

Like I’ve said before though, don’t use car batteries. They can’t handle the charge cycles.

Finding A Power Inverter and Charge Controller

As with most things wherever possible, Amazon is my source of choice. This charge controller here is a good entry level one, but it’s probably not one that you’ll use for long term purposes. But for playing around and experiementing it’s a good inexpensive option. You’ll want to step up to something a bit more robust if you want to go whole hog with it.

For inverters, no specific recommendations since sizing is pretty much unique from situation to situation, but as I posted last week, a combination between true sine wave and modified sine wave inverters isn’t a bad way to go unless you’re doing a whole house system.

Anyhow, enough for tonight. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with!

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