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Is the Flu Coming?

Bird-flu-460x276Over the weekend there was a story about a bigger than usual flu season that started early and has been hitting more people.  So it this a big pandemic?

My gut says the answer here is no.

One big reason is that the media is covering it.  They’re typically on the ball when it’s time to stir up some … concern … but I don’t think they’re going to be a reliable source of information if we were in any sort of real danger.

That said, it’s always something to keep in the back of you mind.  Supposedly the flu season this year started about five weeks early.  And according to the initial stories I read last week the main strains, as usual, or not the ones covered by this years vaccine.  Yet another reason to avoid the vaccine.

Of course there are other reports now that say that they ARE covered by the vaccine.  Go figure.

And then there’s a neat little story out of Asia talking about a massive outbreak of the bird flu.  They had to cull hundreds of thousands of potentially infected birds.

Honestly, it’s a stark reminder that while we may think a larger pandemic style sickness won’t happen, it’s entirely possible.

I find that far too often my preps get ‘jogged’ by the news stories.  While we’re pretty well set in most areas, any time something like this hits the news, I tend to double check and augment our preps in that area.

Whether it’s firearms because of the gun ban fever, or pandemic preps because of the new flu scare, or anything between doesn’t matter.  Triggers in the news are a great way to help you grow your preps.

The way to approach this, or any other panicky news story, is to run down a few scenarios.  Lay out the top couple things that could happen.  And game them out in your head.

Play out those scenarios.  Do you have enough food and water?  What about alternative power and heating sources?  Medical stash?

And so on.  Play it through.  Find the gaps, and cover them.

See, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been prepping for five minutes or five years.  You will have gaps.  We’re all human, we always have gaps.

Take advantage of those news cycles to fill in those gaps.  As you go along, you’ll find them smaller and smaller.  They’ll always be there, and the scenarios you’re worried about may become more esoteric, but it’s rare that I don’t find SOMETHING to fix.

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