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So What Should You Focus On?

I’ve gotten a few emails lately from folks wondering what they should focus on, now that the chaos of the election is over and we have certainty in front of us.

Well, maybe not so much on the certainty part.

In all honesty, I don’t think that there’s a whole lot that you should change as a result of the latest installation of the circus we call ‘Election Day’ … maybe a few priority changes, that’s probably about it.

First off something that should already have been at the top of your list are economic preps.  Money in the bank.  A bit of metal stashed.  Multiple streams of income.  That sort of thing.

I definitely think that the biggest threat we face right now on a broad scale (in other words not just something that hits you) is massive economic impact.  This was the biggest issue on my radar before, and continues to be.

You absolutely need to have food and water covered for at least three months or so.  Seriously, if you don’t have this covered, get there.  Even if it’s just a bunch of rice and beans and some other odds and ends.  It doesn’t have to be all that exciting if you can’t afford it.

Worry about fleshing it out later on, for now if you’re on a budget focus on long term storable staples for now.  Buy some hot sauce, soy sauce, and that sort of thing to keep things a little interesting.  Again, focus on stuff that stores for a while.  Honestly, you probably use sauces and spices already, so just buy more of what you usually use and throw it in the pantry.

I know I said the other day that now is not the time to go out and do panic buys on guns and ammo.  I stand by that opinion.  But if you’re not where you want to be in the Armory, you should probably bump up the priority of closing out those preps.

There’s alot of folks that say that prices are going to go through the roof and not come back down.  I don’t buy it.  Panic driven bubbles are predictable.  Prices spike as demand shoots through the roof.  Demand scales back after a bit of time as panic wears off.  As demand drops, prices drop.

That doesn’t mean that prices will return to where they were.  In many cases they won’t, in many cases they will.  When they don’t return to where they were, they’ll find some new normal pricing range.  That’s life and economics.

I’ve got one secret prep that I’ll talk about later this week.  The only reason I’m holding out is because I want to write a whole article about it, and not a couple paragraphs.

The last thing I think you should focus on is skills and knowledge.  Make it a point to read books this next year.  Learn from them.  Get book knowledge on doing ‘stuff’ and then go out and DO that stuff to make sure you know what the heck you’re doing.

Take classes if they’re available.  You’ll learn way more with a good teacher than you will trying to educate yourself.  And it can be fun too.

At the end of the day, the preps that are in your head will be just as valuable, if not more so than the preps in your garage.  See, if your shiny Berkey water filter gets smashed by the garage roof falling in during an earthquake, you’re still covered with water if you know alternative ways of purifying water.  If your water know-how doesn’t extend much past filling said Berkey with tap water … well, you’re in for it.

So go out and practice your shiny new skills.  Go out to the woods and practice building a debris hut, if that’s the sort of thing that floats your boat.  Or build a new shed.  Try to fix something.

All in all, I don’t think the new old regime changes much for your prepping.   It’s just more of the same that we’ve been dealing with, and the course remains unchanged.  We’re just headed there a little faster.

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One Response to So What Should You Focus On?

  1. Love the blog! We ripped out our inefficient fireplace over the weekend and we’re in the process of installing a wood burning stove that will not only heat the house more efficiently but we’ll be able to cook on it if we need to and it’ll help save on our electric bill this Feb when I start tapping our maples and reducing the sap. All good things!