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Food Production In The Interim

So now that we have a plan, the fun begins. Today I want to talk a bit about some of the things we’re going to do in the interim food production wise.

As I noted before, we didn’t really do much this year garden wise. Yes, I regret that now, but it is what it is, and it’s too late to go back and change it.

But what we can do is plan our fall and winter garden, and move forward with that. We’ll do whatever we can there.

We can also begin getting things established here that can be moved with us. For example, we’ll be taking a bunch of strawberries we got on sale from the Sakuma Brothers farm here in Washington and planting them in containers. These containers will move nicely with us, and we can use them to start strawberry patches at the new place next spring.

Similarly, we’ll be getting raspberries and blackberries going with the hope of transplanting them as well. Not sure if they’ll go as well as the strawberries will, but we’ll see.

And we’ll also be establishing as many perrenial type herbs as possible.

Obviously we’d be better off if we could get stuff going there now, but without running water at the moment that’s just not viable.

But soon…

On a side note, I wanted to say something publically about my wife. She’s understandably a bit nervous about this, even though we’re both in full agreement and on the same page. It’s a big change. And while she’s got her concerns about logistics, she’s taking a big leap of faith and is putting quite a bit of confidence in my ability to pull this off and push through the obstacles. I’m incredibly lucky and grateful she’s my wife!

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2 Responses to Food Production In The Interim

  1. Yes you are lucky to have a wonderful wife. Spousal support is very important when and if TSHTF. Do one thing for her… her a bunker…… :) Nice suggestion with the strawberries.

    Rudy, you did a wonderful article on rain water collection. Why don’t you have something on your land? This Old House did a unique underground rain water collection with a tarp and square plastic bins. They stacked the bins inside the tarp and it became a solid container with the soil acting as the support.

    Good Luck.