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Putting Together your Family Food Storage Plan

school desk (320x213)I promised an announcement today, here it is!

Some of you have been asking me to show you how to put together a long term storage plan in more detail. After thinking about it a bit and discussing it with my wife, we’ve realized that this is a huge undertaking and one that needs to be thought through.  Advising folks on how to do this isn’t always easy!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to start a weekly food storage school. Once you sign up for it I will send you an email every Monday with a food storage goal for the next week. I may occasionally send you some other hints, tips, or recommendations throughout the week, but the lessons will come out on Monday. You can join at any time and I’ll start you with week one and we’ll go from there.

My approach will be a bit different than some. I won’t be going whole hog all at once, trying to put a year’s worth of everything away all at once. Instead, we’ll take it slowly, putting together the basics and then begin to turn that into a longer term plan.

Look for a post in the next day or two telling you how to sign up for the class.  Don’t miss it!  Tell all your friends and neighbors!  Invite the family dog!

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7 Responses to Putting Together your Family Food Storage Plan

  1. This post was made just in time! I must admit I have been feeling overwhelmed lately, feeling as if it is so urgent and that I don’t have time to get all the preps ready that I needed. Part of it is that my budget is so limited and also my time is limited and so I wonder if a concrete plan wouldn’t be just what I needed.

  2. Please sign me up for the class too. I found you through SurvivalMom, great blog site. It’s nicely organized with easy navigation. I’m a rookie at prepping, less than a month into it. But I’ve got my vehicle kits working, my backup pantry with inventory sheets going, a grab-n-go binder working, and am starting a new garden too. Much to do! Thanks!!

  3. I would love to be part of the food storage school. I have been working on it myself but I’m sure I have missed some great ideas. Every little bit of information helps. Thanks for all you do. Great useful & interesting info.