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When Your Food Can’t Sustain You

Nowadays the food we get from the store is, shall we say, a bit deficient. It doesn’t contain all the nutrients and minerals that it used to.

One of the big reasons for this is the fact that our soil is depleted of nutrients, which obviously prevents plants from converting nutrients to the building blocks of our body.

Some of us are blessed with good soil, and most of the rest of us can augment with compost and whatnot. So that helps for things we grow in our garden.

But look at your food storage and tell me how much of it is chock full of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Probably not much.

So the food we buy at the store is deficient, and the stuff we store is deficient. What now?


Now I’m not going to sit here and preach health nut stuff, or anything like that. But most of us could stand to take a good multi vitamin nowadays.

In any sort of emergency situation your body will need that stuff even more than it does now. Stress has a way of depleting the body quickly.

So be sure to add ample stocks of your vitamins to your storage plans. And don’t forget about rotation.

There’s only one problem yet unsolved…What do we do when the vitamins run out?

This is where knowledge comes in. You need to educate yourself on what plants provide what nutrients, and know how to grow them.

You need to know what grows wild in your area, and what the benefits of those wild plants are. A good field guide is important. Just make sure that it’s for your area.

For example, knowing that you can get vitamin C from making pine needle tea could prevent you from getting scurvy.

And do you really want to get scurvy when the world is coming to an end?

Me either.

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6 Responses to When Your Food Can’t Sustain You

  1. Good post. One skill I’ve been meaning to learn is sprouting. Fresh sprouts along with your food storage food will add nutrients to the meal.

  2. If you’ve never watched Les Stroud on “Survivorman” it’s worth it! I learned some really important lessons watching it. One of them being what you mentioned above that brewing pine needles makes for a high vitamin C tea. Les also likes to make fire a different way in each episode. I’ve watched him use a match, flint, a battery, glasses lens, etc… I also love that he uses what’s available, like a single Frito left in a coat pocket to help build a fire or ripping the stuffing out of a plane’s seats to use the shells to make snowshoes. He has survived alone for 7 days in every climate/location on earth: desert, sea, woods, plains, jungle, mountains, etc… Fascinating show.

    • Yeah, I liked watching that show … good entertainment and you never know what you might learn. Not quite as sensational (and fake) as the BEar Grylls show, whatever that one was called.

  3. Rudy,

    Over the past year, I’ve been learning about all of the “weeds” growing around the area. Quite fascinating. I think the first thing I would tell my neighbors after a collapse is to stop cutting down the weeds.

    • It’s funny how we destroy so many plants that are critical to the ecosystem without even knowing it.

      For example, Dandelions. Never thought twice about them until I started beekeeping. Now I know that they are one of the first pollen and nectar sources for the bees, and in areas where they have been eradicated bees don’t do as well. Go figure…