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We Always Forget That Moving Is A Pain…

So as we have spent the last couple of days frantically packing up our entire household, a couple of interesting dilemmas have popped up, as well as a few opportunities.

While many folks can just throw stuff in boxes and go, when you have a few esoteric hobbies and posessions, that makes things a little more interesting.

For example … my bee hives. They’re on a farm outside town. I can’t abandon them. Moving them means a second trip, loading them onto a flatbed trailer at night, and driving them for 300-400 miles to their new home. No small feat for a non commercial beekeeper.

The farmer doesn’t know how to keep bees, so they’re no good to him. This isn’t the season where beekeepers acquire new hives, so nobody wants to buy them. The only potential non-move on the horizon is that one of my wifes friends is interested and might want to buy them. But she knows nothing about beekeeping.

Another example is the dozen or so self watering containers I have that are currently growing tomatos and peppers. A big pain in the butt to transport in a moving truck, so I don’t want to do that. Looks like Grandma wants them though, so we’ll be good there.

And then there’s the problem of getting all the kids together with their closer friends. That’s a logistical nightmare, and it seems like we have kids coming and going all the time. We finally decided that most of these visits should happen at friends house, not our house. Now things have calmed down a bit.

Oh, and did I mention how much space all of our 55 gallon water drums will take up? Hopefully we have room for them…

All the things you don’t really think about up front…

On the flip side, there’s lots of positive too.

Apparantly there’s a dearth of beekeepers in the area we’re moving to, but lots of folks interested in learning how. But nobody teaches how. So there’s an opportunity for me there to integrate into the community by teaching classes. And there’s also plenty of places for me to put hives.

There’s lots of kids in the area that are waiting for our kids to get there, excited to have new friends. While you never know how kids will click once they meet, this is a good sign and a big step.

My wife has taken on the big task of finding new churches and new doctors. I’m guessing we’ll be visiting a new church every Sunday until we find one we like. She’s also excited about volunteering at the schools and meeting new friends as well. Lots of stay at home moms there, unlike around here.

All in all, chaotic times, but exciting as well.

One thing is clear to me though. The decision to move was the right call.

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2 Responses to We Always Forget That Moving Is A Pain…

  1. During my 20 years in the Navy I had to move 8 times. 3 of them cross country. I learned back then not to acquire too much. It’s been 12 years since then and with times being they way they are I’ve also collected a ton of stuff and I would hate to have to move it all. Plus lose all the gardens we’ve worked hard to rework in able to grow root veggies. (clay soil with a ton of top soil and admendments). At least I would have the kids to worry about anymore so I guess there is one good thing with growing older…

  2. 1 day at a time – and I can’t imagine moving everything in my home. Hubby and I talked about it the other day and figured it would take a year to move everything by ourselves. Yikes – staying put!!!!! Good luck.