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Freeze Dried Strawberries and More!

Recently a had a conversation with a guy in Texas who is running his own little online survival preps store, Internet Prepper.

Chad is a USAF vet who has been prepping for around three years, and his site sells grain mills, freeze dried and prepackaged food, and some survival odds and ends.

He originally reached out to me to see about arranging an advertising agreement, but we decided he’d send me a few samples of his products instead, and I’d let you all know what I thought.

While I was waiting for the goods to get here, I checked out his site in a bit more detail. Definitely good prices … some of the lowest out there. He’s got a reasonably wide variety of products, and ships for free.

Yesterday a box showed up from Chad containing a #10 can of freeze dried strawberries. Which I promptly opened up and started passing them out to the kids.

Overall, they were a huge hit. All but two of my kids loved them, and the two that didn’t love them said they were “Ok, but a bit tart” … the others keep begging for more.

We tried rehydrating them, but they ended up a bit soggy. Not surprising with strawberries, since they absorb water so easily. I’m guessing that wouldn’t be a problem with the other things.

In any case, good product, with a good amount of freeze dried fruit in the can. I don’t have a ton of freeze dried food in our stores, so we will probably be adding more from Chad and other mom and pop shops like him in the near future.

Look, you can go and buy your stuff from some giant company, but before you do that, I’d suggest looking for small retailers like Chad at Internet Prepper, or some of the others out there. Support our community first before you go and shop at Amazon or something.

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4 Responses to Freeze Dried Strawberries and More!

  1. The Internet Prepper looks like a great website and resource. I only wish there was a way to sample the freeze dried fruits and veggies before ordering a 10# quantity. Like a “sample pack” or something.

    • I’m guessing Chad will see that feedback here. There may be legal issues involved though. Hard to say.

      • Goldie, Rudy is right. I can’t mail ziplock baggies in the mail – not really a legal issue, but I doubt it would go over very well.

        A #10 can really isn’t that much, and I recommend that folks try a #10 can before purchasing a case. Everyone’s tastes are a little different.

        I only carry stuff that I’ve personally tried and can attest to- but that doesn’t mean that you will like it too. :)

  2. Just need to make a point of clarification. I ship MOST of my items for free- unfortunately my margin is so low on some items that I would be loosing money if I didn’t charge for shipping! 😉 But really, I do have some crazy low prices.