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Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System Review

Like most men, I suppose, I’ve purchased quite a few gadgets and gizmos for sharpening knives.

Despite all of them, my favorite until now has been a classic whetstone. Guess that’s because I learned with one.

That said, a buddy of mine at work suggested I try something different. And I’m glad he did. I still like a whetstone, but for quick and easy blade sharpening, this new kit can’t really be beat.

The kit is called the ‘Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System‘ … quite a mouthful, but it’s a pretty neat kit.

It contains four different stones of varying coarseness, ranging from extra-course to fine. There’s also a stone shaped for taking care of serrations. Each stone has a metal rod attached to it as a guide.

It comes in a nice red box that keeps everything together. It looks like this! (excuse the messy desk in the background…)

To use the kit you take your knife and secure it in the special clamp. The clamp has two sides to it that have guide holes cut into them. Herein lies the simplicity of the system.

By using the metal rod attached to the stone and inserting it into the appropriate guide hole, even someone who has never used a whetstone can keep a precise angle during use.

There are two downsides with this kit that I’ve noticed so far. The first is that the guide rods could be a little longer. When sharpening a large chefs knife, for example, you have to be a bit more careful to not pull the rod out of the guide slot.

The second downside is the noise. It’s pretty obnoxious. I’m guessing it’s because the width of the stone is narrower than I’m used to, but who knows.

Despite those two flaws, I recommend the Edgemate Pro system highly. Especially for folks who don’t have a ton of practice using a regular stone.

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4 Responses to Gatco Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System Review

  1. I’ve had a similar system for a few years and I agree with your assessment. When it’s all said and done I generally go back to the old stone or steel. Once you learn to properly sharpen a knife the old fashioned way it’s just so much faster! The main advantage I see with this thing is that it’s easy to throw in a pack and take with me when I go camping or fishing. If I manage to completely destroy an edge on my knife it does make it real simple to put it back on quickly. I also have a real problem with the way these things work as far as safety goes. Instead of holding the knife and moving it on the stone you have to hold the stone and move it across the blade. I always have the feeling that I’m one slip away from getting stitches!

    • I feel that way sometimes too, especially with the spyderco sharpener I tried out.

      Surprisingly though, the galco hasn’t cut me yet 😉

  2. Thanks for the info on knife sharpening kit. I’m one of the inexperienced with a stone type. Usually load all my knives up once and and take them to the gun show. Fellow has a booth there, charges $2 per knife. Now I can spend that $$ on something else there…thanks again…keep up the good work…stay safe..


    • Definitely a good option, especially if you don’t want to take the time to sharpen them yourself.

      But I’ve actually used this while watching TV, and still have all my fingers. Don’t take that as a recommendation though 😉