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How To Get More Done With Less Effort

As part of my day job, one of the things I work on regularly is ways to improve efficiencies and get more done with less work and effort.

I’m a huge believer in getting more done with less effort.  And not because I find laziness to be a virtue … quite the contrary.

Over the last several months I’ve had a bit of a mental shift in my preparedness efforts, and a brief conversation I had with my mom the other day really hit home.

In her case, my folks are starting to feel their age a bit.  They don’t look it, but she confessed to me that they’re slowing down and have to do less during the day and have started to cut down on some of their plans a bit.

But in reality, it’s not just aging that takes it’s toll.  In fact, the toll isn’t even really important.

I’d be willing to bet that, just like me, you feel way too often that there’s too much on the to-do list and not enough time to get it done.

There’s a couple ways to look at this.

First, you can always pay for things to get done.  If you have enough money, then feel free to spend some of it to get more work done for you while you’re working on other things.  The problem here is that it can get expensive.  But sometimes it’s worth it.

Second, you can design your life, activities, and surroundings for efficiency.  A great example of this is garden designs.  The classic row garden is horrible from an efficiency standpoint.  For the amount of food you get it uses a ton of extra space, which has to be maintained.  Weeded, watered, tilled, cultivated, etc.  Yet you can get the same amount of food production in a fraction of the space by using intensive gardening methods such as Square Foot Gardening.  Since there’s less space, there’s less maintenance, so less work!

Third, you can leverage technology to take care of mundane tasks.  A good example here that ties into the last one is automated drip irrigation for your intensive garden beds.  Very much a ‘set and forget’ type thing, you tell it how much to water and on what schedule and it just happens with no further effort on your part.

Finally, you can leverage technology to help you think, or take care of some of the non mundane tasks.  Examples here are software products you can use on your computer that help you track your preps, or plan your garden, or anything along those lines.

Bottom line … use whatever you can to get the most out of your efforts, and in particular, have stuff happen without much effort on your part at all!

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