How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

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6 Responses to Get Free Preparedness Tips, Straight To Your Email Inbox!

  1. Good morning. I am writing from Lake City, AR with snow on the ground only a week from Easter.

    I am inquiring about communications. Should this nation fall apart, or into chaos, how might one family, or group, have communications with another, especially when meeting on a road, any pathway, or even within cities. Can we be sure electronic communications would work, or be secured?

    I am in no means the best survivalist, especially with my family. All I can do is prepare for them, and pray they listen should the situation arise. I have my training to fall back on: Air Force training, Security Management/Private Investigator, USSF/NM commander’s training, and the hundreds of spec/ops training manuals I’ve read over and over. I am a Christian Minister and an beginning Herbalist.

    I have thought of opening a sort of school for training and teaching people skills for surviving and bettering themselves. Perhaps, some day, after I finish this next college degree.

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